Food Porn: Wahacca is so good


I love, love, love Wahaca. I'm a steady regular there now I would say. One time I went with mums and they had a special on.. crickets! Needless to say we ordered us a plate of those and it was strange. Crickets kind of taste like roasted nuts! Never would I ever think I'd eat a cricket, what is this... some kind of Australian outback?! I'm a blogger, get me out of here! But of course, mums like... "You have to try everything once." Actually An, who I ate with this time says that too and so does Tommy. Hrmm, maybe it's an Asian thing? I'm not about to eat that whitchetty grub, I'm not going to inlay a picture. You guys can google that mess yourselves! Hahaha.

Anyway, I'd 100% recommend Wahaca. Delicious Mexican food, done well. Great attention to detail on practicality of buffet.. (if you've been watching creme de la creme haha!) The food wasn't too messy and fairly easy to eat. The meat is really succulent and tender, the spice is a little off. They do have habenero and chipotle on the table, but that's not making a dent really. My favourites are the plantain & feta taco's really really good. The pork pibil, with the purple pickle there, that's delicious! Such a great crunch from the pickle and a new one we tried, the cactus & cheese. Cactus is a very watery plant and quite subtle, so I guess I'd describe the taste kinda like courgette? 

My only quibble is that for £25, without drinks, we we're still looking around for a little nibble. Not overly expensive at all, sharing size of course. But we wanted to share more! My aunt & I can eat! Hahaha. Having lived in Spain and an avid tapas eater, An says they did a good job. Well married Western and Mexican flavours. You guys Wahaca fans?

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