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Come with me on my hairdresser adventure! Do you guys enjoy the vlogs? I vlogged my trip to Simon Constantinou recently. I've never been a regular at any salon before, does anyone else have hairdresser issues? Since I met Steph, we've restored my faith and trust in hair dressers! She really listens to what I'd like done and gives my hair some incredible conditioning. Before Steph, I used to cut my own hair... yeah confessions of a crazy lady indeed. Subtly, Steph pointed out the 2 different hair cuts I had, at different lengths. I thought I'd trimmed in some pretty good layers myself, but yeah. Haha! Before that, was mama bear! Sorry mum, I'll forever be your number one customer and number one fan, but salons put some kind of secret sauce in their conditioner. That just, ah! Can not be replicated at home. No matter how hard I try and given the half Afro hair you can bet. I've tried a lot! Nightmare! If you guys ever wondered how long it takes to do Afro hair, it needs a good two hour booking. That's right, a cut & blow dry is a whole event in it's own right.

It's an experience going to get your hair done, from the initial consultation, and seeing what you have to work with. To the wash and condition, which I find extremely indulgent. It's a rare chance that you get to sit back and enjoy a gentle massage while your hairs being cleansed. A cup of tea and some down time. Romanticising a haircut I know, but seriously that's my favourite part! Second only to that feeling when you first run your fingers through your hair and you literally quiver from the smoothness. Like oh lord, what did you just do! What do you guys think of the new look? (Oh and before you ask, she used Moroccan Oil ;)! )

Until next time... xo 

Simon Constantinou
99 Crwys Rd,
CF24 4NF

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  1. This is so sweet,I love it !! see you again soon Erica ,from Steph ☺️

    1. Thank you Steph! :) See you soon! :D x