Inner Strength Preview: Working Out With Sabrina


Working out with Sabrina was so much fun. Extremely relaxing and calming which was strange. That's usually the feeling post work out right? We met back in October at a crowd funding event, we both share experiences with mental health. After reading My secret life, Sabrina got in touch about having a session with her. Last week Sabrina took me to her gym for a whistle stop tour of her 3 month programme which aims and delivers in improving anxiety & confidence! From some great testimonials I couldn't wait to have a go myself. 

Post stretching I couldn't believe it was only the beginning, stretching in new positions was great. Stimulating different muscles and with such a surprisingly calm atmosphere, accompanied by hip-hop background music. It was awesome. Check out Sabs site Inner Strength here & our vlog coming soon; where we did some strong man tire lifting and a trip around the lake!

Until next time... xo

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