The Neighbourhood | Meeting Matty


Finally, I met Matty! I've been liaising back and fore with Matty & Nat for a while now. It's so great to finally meet them both and discuss in person the plans for the upcoming months! There are so many great ideas and it's all very exciting. Time is of the essence and next things next, the vlog! A virtual tour of the gorgeous suite, that will be my ummm... shall we say temporary crib for the day? *ahem* Super excited screams!* I'm really looking forward to filming that next week, I'll have some of my lovely student friends with me too! Look out for the cameos, you may spot the stars around Cathays or at your local soon, hahaha! Tommy was also brought onto the team this week. It's snowballing and I'll be doing what snow does in summer... Melting in the sunshine outside our gorgeous green machine! The VW still needs a name, Matty likes Dougal. What do you guys think? I think it's pretty fitting, Dougal! Can't wait to get him touring around Cardiff!

Until next time.. xo

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