VLOG Admiral Party: Principality Stadium


Have you ever been or seen pictures of an Admiral staff party?! Over a year ago the snaps littered my news feed and I was in absolute awe, what kind of event party madness is this! It's a spectacle to see and this year, I was lucky enough to be invited! Lucas invited me along as his plus 1 and the excitement began from the offset. The ticket was the same as our Eyeball ticket! What are the chances.. well with the Olympics and all I guess not so strange. An 'anytime adventure trip' we we're welcomed into the stadium by real security and then fake security. That's right people, you heard it here first. Fake security, hahaha. They we're great, with their airplane landing canes, directing us towards 'customs' shall I say?

Watch me in HD!

We we're given our boarding passes and travel documents and proceeded into the time travelling tunnel. Yeah, it literally is as cool as it sounds. In our travel packs, we received the set schedule for the evening as well as 2 x drinks vouchers and 1 x meal each. It literally just doesn't stop. So once we ventured into the abyss, we slowly but surely began to realise where we were. The stadium duh, but actually on the pitch! There have been so many times watching a match, that I've wanted to run on the pitch or even just touch the grass! From the top stalls the stadium looks huge, from the pitch it's inconceivable. The rugby pitch was split into two, with a large screen divider of the main stage. Pah, that's right.. there we're smaller stages. Like, literally what kind of foolishness??

We entered with jaws dropped, searched for the nearest bar and it was time to spend our vouchers. Service was amazingly quick, even as the night progressed and the field began to fill. Split into 4, the past to future party had all different scenes set up. Given the theme, literally ALL THE COSTUMES we're up for selection. There we're many a Doc & Marty, a failed Rick & Morty (that's us :( ), cavemen, ravers, period, even a freaking dinosaur! We later came to the conclusion that the extremely convincing cave woman and her pet dino must have been actors, or concealing the CEO for his entrance. Either way, it fit in so well with the pterodactyls flying from the ceiling and the dangling vine leaves. Another corner was the Victorian fairground, the Ancient Rome ice-cream podium, London's Abby Road Swinging 60's and the future. 2026.

Street food dotted around the stadium, was actually of pretty high standard. I got some fish & chips, a classic obviously and it was really lovely. Lucas got a roast pork baguette, which was so well cooked and the flavours we're great with the stuffing. We danced, we ate, drank and had fun. An overwhelming experience and a big ass party. Oh yeah and I found out 6 hours before it started... that McFly we're going to play. Fan girls eat your heart out, the chubby teenager in me was ready to explode! So what if 3 of 4 are married now, they've all 'aged' so well & Dougie is still gorgeous!

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