Candi Staton Live @ Tramshed


You know Candi Staton..."Young hearts, run free!" and other classics like "You got the love!" great tunes. Drinks were flowing and we slowed down to "In the ghetto." For some reason the reference has completely escaped my mind, so if you know what show this was hilariously sampled in.. please tweet me! @spinachandspecs. Between these massive classics Candi spoke about her life, career and relationships. Even name dropped Aretha Franklin, that's right. Aretha & Candi have been friends since she was 5! That's beyond adorable. The performance however was far from adorable, such huge soul in such a tiny woman. We watched from the balcony as the audience reminisced the 90's and swayed with the sounds. If you ever get a chance to go up there, do! It's such a great view from the top of the Tramshed. 

You can catch Candi next at Bestival!

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