Last Minute Reasons Why You Should VOTE REMAIN


I'm quite shocked that the EU referendum is even happening to be honest with you, but of course we live in a democracy. So whatever your voting, make sure you use your vote! If you we're to ask me though, you should be voting in because no man is an island! I've heard so many great quotes and seen some awesome memes over the campaigning period, somethings that have been really frightening. These are my last minute light hearted reasons, that I hope will push you towards remaining in the EU.

We wouldn't have this awesome freedom to wander as we please around Europe. Isn't that a beautiful luxury we'd miss?? I mean it's not like the UK has great weather, did you notice this is June! How many people have been interrailing, what an amazing experience that is. It's not to say we couldn't travel to these countries, but we'd have to apply for visa's and such! What a nightmare, I'd like a queue jump into the sun & culture please.
My awesome trip to the Bulgarian mountains.
Interrailing in Prague.

I don't claim to be massively into politics or have an extensive knowledge of economics, but surely we're receiving huge income from tourism. Our monarchy isn't something we should be snobby and possessive over, this has made us Great Britain. That doesn't mean we should go back to ruling and conquering, we may have more control over our laws but we have nothing to export. We're an island with nothing to sell! People from all over the world travel here to see Buckingham Palace and the quaint towns of the UK. Europeans are great ambassadors for this.

In every aspect of my life, collaboration and connection has been at the heart of success. Getting into business means you need to network in order to grow.. You've heard the saying, it's not what you know, it's who you know.

We are built on the shoulders of multicultural societies, nationalism is scary. Seeing people fight and argue so strongly for something that ultimately isn't there's is silly. We're all people, we all belong everywhere. This once great nation that conquered, went out and took a whole bunch of people and brought them back here to work. Britain has built an amazing reputation, of course people fleeing from war would want to come to. We should welcome them with open arms, show our hospitality and our politeness that we are renowned for. Where do we cut off people being British and being immigrants? My family are refugees, but I was born here and I'm British. I'm studying and not taking from the state. I also am not a terrorist or a criminal. Nationalism shouldn't be scary, it should be a loving peaceful hippie type thing. Peace and love man, peace and love.

I have an awesome group of friends at Uni and we have a friend from Bulgaria, she came to study here. You don't know her and so of course may not feel ties to why it's imperative we stay in the EU. Well, foreigners don't come here to steal our jobs, that Britains usually don't want anyway. They come here to learn things like freaking genetics, go on to France on placement doing cancer research. Then as an accomplished scientist will commend Britain for it's hospitality and help in her education & success. As I'm sure many other internationals would. If your not into the science stuff, she's also pretty hot. As are my other European descended friends. Europeans usually are.

Not sure if people have noticed that the Euro's are on at the moment. Yeah, would we be part of that party if we left? Would we get invited to Eurovision? All these awesome things, we wouldn't know about or take part in. C'mon.

There are so many serious reasons as to why you should vote remain, it's a big one this time folks. Do your research, have an opinion. Make your say.

If this hasn't made you want to #VoteRemain, then god help us. I'm not sure what will.

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