Running Half Marathon Check In


Can't believe I'm actually saying this, but I've started to enjoy running. It's not something I've ever liked doing and usually try to avoid where possible. It's not just me right?! Since we went out to support so many friends and others running the half marathon earlier this year.. I've been pushed into training. You may remember I mentioned it a few weeks back that I'd sign up. Well, I'm yet to actually register but I've made a verbal agreement. I'm probably going to regret this, crawling around Cardiff in the 2nd or 3rd hour gasping for air. When it's all done though and the finish line is in sight, it'll be all worth it. 

Tommy & I ran around Roath lake last week, he did a couple extra laps while I was pacing my way back home. For the first time ever it was painful, but controlled. Progress? I'm going to take that as a small win! The morning of the #24hrlockin, I went for a little jog around the site too. I'm shocking myself! Fingers crossed I can keep this up, I'll let you know once I've officially registered!

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