Top 5 Tips For Beating Morning Anxiety


Top 5 tips for beating morning anxiety, anyone else get really anxy in the  mornings? I wish there was some kind of guidebook for anxiety and how to control it. There's no telling when it'll come and how long for, but if your aware of it you can kick it! I noticed there we're some things I started doing routinely that really helped me. When your feeling anxious but you got shit you need to do, try my 5 tips and get back in control!

1. Eat a banana
It may sound a little crazy, but I promise you it's a wonder. The first thing you should do when you get up is eat, as much as most of us really don't want to! Within the first 30 minutes of waking we should line our stomachs and a banana is full of amazing secrets. Tryptophan found in bananas is converted into serotonin, the happy hormone! Which means you can literally eat happiness, I swear!

2. Pretty yourself
What ever makes you feel good, your favourite top with a cheeky slogan or your favourite hat. Get it out, put it on. Give yourself a cheeky wink in the mirror gorgeous, your a beautiful person! It'll probably be the last thing you want to do and it may seem very shallow. You'll be surprised though at how many times you'll catch your own reflection. Instead of the you, reaffirming how you feel inside. It'll give you a boost to see the you, that you want to see - like a reminder to yourself!

3. Perfume shower
Just like in the movies, spray a cloud of your favourite perfume or cologne. Stop saving it for those special occasions, every day is a special occasion! Our sense of smell is very closely linked with our memories! So if we've ever come close to time travel, this is it. Every time you get a little waft of this under your nose throughout the day, it'll give you a little confidence boost. No more," do I smell of bo right now?" - anxieties! Woo! My favourite is Dior Addict 2. 

4. Cream up your hands
Your senses are heightened when your feeling anxious, your under stress and noticing a lot of stimulation. Since most of us have a nervous twitch with our hands, we should be more aware of them. Keep a natural citrus or floral cream with you and moisten your hands every now and again. Taking care of yourself will ease your anxiety and boost your confidence, the scent again will help keep your mind grounded. I use Liz Earl's Orange Flower.

5. Be mindful
It's an amazing practice and takes a lot of practise to master, but in every situation try to be mindful. I would describe it like an anchor to 'the here and now.' Since depression is living in the past and anxiety is worrying about the future, try to concentrate on that exact moment. What your doing, what things smell like, how your feeling, how your body is feeling. It'll help you to calm down and to be more observant. Is there really anything to be stressing about, right in this second? What ever you have to do, one foot in front of the other.

You got this xo

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