Welsh Ice #24hrLockIn


As you read this I'm making my way to Welsh Ice in Caerphilly for the #24hrLockIn. That's right, here begins a leap into enterprise! 25 young people are being put into teams of 5 based on their personality and experience, with the business brief revealed later today. At 3pm we'll find out what project we'll be working on over the afternoon and into the night. At the end of the competition, each team will present their pitch to a panel of judges for a chance at the £500 prize!

Yeah, I'm pretty stoked! I'm an ecstatic mix of nerves and excitement right now as I pack my bags to leave. I've been warned I'm not going to be getting much shut eye over the next few hours, which fortunately is my forte. There will be guest speakers every hour on the hour, so there'll be lots to draw inspiration and knowledge from. Our meals are provided and we'll have a place to kip, should we need to crash at all. We've been told to bring about as many outfit changes as Madonna, this is also a strong point for me. My bag is pretty hefty right now, there's snacks in there too of course!

Welsh Ice is an amazing space for entrepreneurs, "A community of over 150 amazing people creating a positive economic impact for Caerphilly and the Valleys." This is my first visit to Ice and I can't wait to see what it's all about and meet everybody involved! They believe success is created together, through people and through fun! Gareth Jones, the CEO founded the company from his own personal experiences as a business start-up(er?). We bumped into Gareth at the ignite Cardiff talk last week and I'm really excited to see what him and the team have in store for us!

I'll be tweeting as much as I can to keep you updated, although I have a strong feeling that we're going to be kept extremely busy! I've got my 'active clothing' for our down time, love a stroll around Caerphilly, especially the castle. So scenic. So anyway, I gotta finish choosing clothes and making memory space on my camera!

Shall be in touch, have a lovely Friday! :D

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