When you just can't Uni anymore.


I'm just going to come out with it, because you know how this honesty blogging works. I've taken an IOS from University. In short or rather long, it means an interruption of study. Honestly, it does feel like one thing after another, but you know what? Maybe that's just me. It's been a whirlwind, University, the last few years, personal stuff. The last 12 - 18 months in particular and it all happened so fast that I think I needed time to just stop. Let my brain catch up to where we're at. It's June?! What the frick?!

I bumped into a friend recently and we we're discussing IOS, pausing and people's acceptance of it. We joked about how it felt like people could catch it, the "slow down". I decided to write this for any body else out there who needs to take a break. The freedom in life really does come when you stop caring what other people think about you. If your struggling or whatever your reason and you need to stop. You need to be mature and realistic enough to realise this. There's no point coasting along, treading water and just being able to get by. This isn't how life is supposed to be lived and this isn't how you should be wasting yours. I've met a few people along the way who are 'treading water', aren't you tired? I commend you, but please, here's a buoyancy aid. Breath.

We laughed about our anxieties that we let other people inflict on us. Our condemned attitudes that we'd recently defeated. What I've learnt is that taking a break doesn't mean your weak, it means you just need to regroup. Some time to reload. I'm so very grateful that my school we're so understanding and helpful and I urge any of you in a difficult position, to reach out.

After feeling pretty defeated with my course as I began to struggle personally and things got a bit too much, I approached my tutor. I spoke to him and another lecturer about leaving the course. *gasp* It'd been a wild ride and with everything else going on I thought I'd had enough. Meeting up with lots of friends from my past that I'd lost touch with put a lot into perspective or rather a shift in it. I felt so behind, as they drove around in their Audi's and Bm's. That's supposed to be me with them, with my burning desire for enterprise calling me, I felt this was my path. I had spoken it over with lots of people and convinced this was the best move for me. Wisely, my lecturer's advised me to take a break before making such a big decision. I'd recently stopped my medication for depression, which may have contributed to the shift in perspective.

With this chance and time to breath essentially, I felt like a weight had been lifted. A world of opportunity was open to me and I couldn't wait to get stuck in. In this time, I got myself a job at an awesome, upcoming venue. Working on my blog, I connected with an amazing luxury student accommodation company and began pushing my freelancing. There had to be food in this trial future, so I looked into a Vietnamese street food business. Got in touch with Princess Trust and applied to take part in the #24hrlockin challenge at Welsh Ice. You could say I went a little crazy, I go hell for leather when I'm up! Exploring my passions is absolutely amazing, I'm being creative and excited to wake up in the mornings. Moreover, I'm excited to get out of bed! I'm running, yeah that's actually happening and eating pretty well.

All of this was going great, but there was always something else. As the buzz of something new died down I realised that giving up Optom was not what I wanted at all. It'd just been a long year, which I will explain in the near future. I'm so extremely grateful to my lecturers for suggesting the IOS and allowing me the time to (extremely cheesey) reignite my passion for Optom. I found myself constantly drawn back to optics, the patient care, spotting gorgeous frames and even interviewing a 3rd year Bastien, at Cardiff Met who's final year project was printing 3D glasses. The USP being that the final dispense adjustments are pre-fit and printed for you! Also through email updates from Peek vision, which is exciting. C'mon Peek, rooting for the production date! 

So, I'm planning to do my exams in August and have my revision plan in place. Some dates are yet to be set but I'm feeling very much back on track. Mum is beaming ear to ear I'm sure! ;) Optoms of the world, please forgive the lapse in faith! I'm continuing with my freelance work, both writing and videography, also working part time. Shake it off has unfortunately come to an end, but lots of new projects to be excited about and keep you involved in! If you feel like things are getting a bit much, please speak to someone. It could really help! If your taking a break, go for it! Let your hair down, get out of the house, explore and find out more about yourself. After all, this is what it's for! Not wallowing and stewing, get out there. There's a whole world of experiences - you gotta learn to dance in the rain! Ah, more cheese.

Hope you enjoyed my post and the catch up of where I'm at. Speak soon!

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