GOC Registration renewal


It's that time of year again, when we have to apply for our retention! Don't forget to complete your retention application form by the 15th of July! It'll cost you £25 and takes literally 5 minutes. I've just completed mine, check! Off the list!

If you miss the deadline you'll incur a £10 penalty fine, ouch. No student needs that noise! The process is really simple and they'll even email a copy for your records. Swish!

If you don't know what the GOC is, it's the General Optical Council for Opticians. They are one of 12 health and social care regulators in the UK. They oversee these professions by regulating the individual professionals. The register currently holds around 29,000 Optoms, dispensing optoms, students & businesses. They ensure the public is given competent health care and that professionals are represented by a standing body.

"We have four core functions:
  • Setting standards for optical education and training, performance and conduct.
  • Approving qualifications leading to registration.
  • Maintaining a register of individuals who are qualified and fit to practise, train or carry on business as optometrists and dispensing opticians.
  • Investigating and acting where registrants’ fitness to practise, train or carry on business is impaired."
- From the GOC Website.www.optical.org

Anyone can search the register, so if your wanted to look up anything about your optician, give a pat on the back or unfortunately make a complaint, that's where you should go!

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