Inner Strength Work Out with Sabrina | VLOG


Inner strength training with Sabrina was so much fun! She's a personal trainer and we first met at an instant crowd funding event last October. It was really interesting to find out more about her, her story and her mission! Like many of us, Sabrina has her experiences with mental health and in particular anxiety & depression. We shared our stories and spoke about the difficulties it can cause while at University and hence having a knock on effect to our confidence.

Sabrina studied Chemistry while at University, she has her degree (Congratulations!) and started Inner strength and PT-ing to help others the way she loves. Through fitness and strength training! As we drove she told me about some recent clients she had helped. They we're a similar age to me and had similar problems/symptoms. A general lack in self confidence, suffered with anxiety & depression and wanted to get fit! The previous clients had noted that just working out with someone else was really helpful. Moreover having someone push you and take care of their health made them want to take care of themselves and love themselves more!

Working out with Sab is a real treat, you can really see that she loves what she does and has such a passion for people. We started with stretches to warm up, man oh man we're they amazing! I mean, I was so relaxed by the end of them, I wasn't sure where I was. Or that we we're about to start training! It almost put me into a trance. The different range of motions we worked through put pressure on muscles I didn't know I had! I found it extremely mindful as we moved across different parts of the body. Moving outside to some slightly more strenuous exercises (The wheel! Haha!) this is where we began to push. I've always wanted to try tyre lifting and I finally got the chance! It was so much fun, I felt like such a beast! It's definitely a confidence boost to run up and down the road, chucking a tyre back 'n' forth, and throwing your strength about! Wow, what a rush. beaming ear to ear inside hehehe. This was a quick whistle stop tour of the training sessions, so we moved onto the weights and short runs back and forth.

Finishing with a walk around the lake which was just 2 minutes away from SOS where we trained. Wales will never seize to amaze me with all it's hidden parks, lakes and gorgeous nature spots nestled between industry and housing. While we we're walking, we found out we're both mixed! Strangely enough, we both had this little line on our arms? I thought I was the only one! It's almost like a tide mark of where black meets white haha. She had the exact same one, must be a mixed thing eh? *Arm twins!*

My mood post work-out? Definitely elevated! My confidence? Boosted! I'd love to go back and work out with Sab again. Initially it feels a little intimidating, it always does right? Doing something new for the first time, especially exercising if it's been a while. But Sabrina made me feel very welcome, at home and at ease. Thank you for a great afternoon!
The next steps for Inner Strength are 3-month programmes designed specifically to increase confidence, alleviate anxiety or work through stress & depression. These have come from 12 week programmes that already exist within the PT sessions, that have naturally progressed through clients success! One client went from zero confidence and unemployment, to applying to numerous jobs and getting was it 7 interviews?! That's amazing! I'd love to catch up with Sab again and see how the programmes are progressing and what they entail! I'll keep you posted.

Click here to read about Sab & Jake the powerlifitng couple. Possibly the strongest in Wales!

Until Next Time.. Erica xo 

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