Kimchi, Cowbridge Rd E with Nok!


Oh my damn, we both had a craving for Korean and neither of us had been to Kimchi before. So an obvious choice for us. There's a lot of hype around Kimchi in Cardiff, we've heard lots of good from them and couldn't wait to see for ourselves! It's really not that difficult to find, a 5 minute drive just outside of the city centre on Cowbridge road East. Though if your anything like me, you'll cycle past for a good 10 minutes before realising you've over shot it. D'oh!

We walked into a kitsch little restaurant, that was buzzing with atmosphere and completely full tables, uh oh! Luckily they had just opened the upstairs seating, woop! We're in! The smells we're gorgeous, sweet and savory whipping through the air. The sound of Korean bbq, sizzling beneath us. I couldn't resist, that's exactly what I'd been looking for! The portions came to feed the masses, a massive plate of gorgeous bulgogi seasoned beef, with lettuce leaves to roll. Perfect for indulging, not a carb in site hehehe. The panel on the side houses the heat control, so if it's that sizzling sound your after.. wack that up!

I always get major food envy when I'm out, or at home. Foodie problems, am I right? Nok got her favourite Korean dish Bibimbap! It's easy to see why, you get a little of everything and it just tastes amazing! And, ch'ya it's really fun to say too. It literally translates as mixed rice, you've got a meat, assortment of vegetables and fermented soy bean paste. Ahhh. Watch out though, the stone bowl is piping hot, you get an amazing little sizzle from this too. Sweet. Their super smoothies are so good, we both got pineapple sunrise which had pineapple, papaya and mango. Highly recommend! 

Pineapple Sunrise


72 Cowbridge Rd E, 
CF11 9DU
Phone029 2022 7122

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