OOTN: Monochrome at Midnight


Outfit of the night: I love, love, love Monochrome it doesn't matter if your black or white! Be both, or be like panda. Black, white & Asian. Okay, getting a little off topic here. Slimming and bold, it's easy to team black with any colours! White is a little more difficult to wear, choose it for occasions where you know you wont be getting too mucky! Probably best leave them at home if your heading to a festival eh? Haha.

Top: Urban outfitters
Watch: Urban outfitters
Trousers: Coast

The black top I've worn many, many times. It's a staple favourite in my wardrobe, especially when travelling. It's thin and light, which makes it really diverse and it's really comfy too. The strap detail at the top is a sexy touch to a fairly subtle top I think! Which means you need a strapless bra if you really want to rock it. Or, if your truly are rock & roll, ditch the bra all together. Girl power, woo! Not on this occasion though. It's from Urban Outfitters, about 2 years ago now. They're great for quirky clothes.

The white pants are from Coast, I love the clothes at Coast! Really classy, quality garments that keep their shape and will last. Silky and smooth, the pants we're ridiculously comfy. I've never been so comfy in white trousers, I was worried that any spills would quickly show! I'm pretty clumsy after all, but they stayed clean all night! Even the little sweat from the dance floor seemed to keep it's distance from the surface ;) Maybe too much information? The real details we need to know though right?!

I wore pointed navy blue heeled boots, but they aren't pictured unfortunately! For the evening I teamed it with a khaki green blazer to keep the chill at bay. To keep all my knicks and knacks, I grabbed a golden clutch. It's pretty special, it's a hard box with a cute bow on the top. I'll take some pics and link it when it's online, Tommy took a quick outfit photo as we didn't want to paparazzi at the party, haha! Bloody bloggers! :P

What do you think? Would wear my monochrome at midnight, tweet me your favourite monochrome outfits or shocking white pants! @spinachandspecs

Until next time.. xo 

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