Review: Hellenic Eatery


Hellenic has featured on the blog before and every time I go I'm not disappointed. Only when the plates are empty and the lasts slithers of tzadziki have disappeared maybe. I love greek food, so fresh and healthy it's just so delicious. There's something about the pita at Hellenic that is just perfect. They're extremely light and fluffy and you feel like you could eat these little clouds forever. Often fought over, so make sure you get in their fast you weaker ones in the pack!

The meat is always in very healthy portions, as pictured ha! We got a sharing platter between the two of us, I'll always recommend the Souvlaki & Gyros wraps though. You can't beat those. They're filled with everything you need. A little meat, some salad, chips & ah yes, tzadziki, If your wondering which meat to chose? Pork, classic pork always. The chicken is a very close second and then the halloumi wraps of course.

In the platter we got both chicken & pork skewers that feature in the wraps, succulent and juicy the pork is banging with flavour. The gyros meat from the spit, urghhhhh. There's not enough of that for sure! The sausage has an interesting texture, very meaty kind of like a chorizo/German sausage hybride. My brother and I weren't massive fans of it, but the flavour was nice. The burgers we're enjoyable too, but like I said. Souvlaki, seriously.

The staff here are always really welcoming, in great Greek tradition they're lovely people. A family run business, I had a quick chat with the owner who told me Hellenic's story. The family's came to the UK from Greece fairly recently, looking for a new opportunity. 2 brothers decided to start a business and selling food would be their mission. Working together they've built a fantastic establishment that is loved by Greeks and local Cardiffians alike. The atmosphere here is great and your half expecting a plate to smash in the background! Oopa, here's to Greece!

Efharisto poli, Hellenic. You never fail to please my belly, hehe!

Helenic Eatery,
100 Crwys Road,

029 2132 1600

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