What To Watch: Rick & Morty


If you've not seen Rick & Morty yet, then I'm not quite sure where you've been? It's a great adult cartoon about a crazy scientist, Rick who lives with his daughter and her family. Taking the grandchildren Morty & Summer on wild adventures between galaxies and beyond, they get into some seriously sticky situations.

At a glance, it seems like another far fetched comedy with a random psychedelic storyline. Looking familar to the back to the future trilogy with Doc & Marty, it's actually based up the two. Initially intended as a crude joke that developed into something huge. Upon further inspection, the show is pretty dark and deep! There's a lot to be taken from the stories as they push the boundaries, questioning family life and relationships. One of my favourite episodes to date is S02 E01, "A Rickle in time." After being frozen in time for 6 months and preparing to return to normal life, the kids are warned that their personal times will be unstable. So, avoiding contact with their parents and remaining certain about everything is essential. Failing this, they risk splitting their times into numerous theoretical shards, thus putting an end to their existence! Nightmare!

I love the writing in this episode and the exploration of peoples uncertainties playing out. Morty & Summer are unsure where they stand in relation to Rick as the favourite. This uncertainty and their constant bickering breeds the splitting of time and the insane, rapid increase of theoretical shards. Leaving Rick with little time to get time back together and save them! What to take from this episode? It doesn't matter if the decision is right or wrong, sitting on the fence as they say, will give you splinters. In the end, there is no right or wrong answer. You just have to chose one and stick with it. Be certain, uncertainty will destroy you. It's a pretty intense episode and the whole concept of the show is really provocative in it's nature. One to watch for sure.

If your looking for a new series to binge watch, this would be it! But we're only up to season 2, nail biting stuff. Get caught up and let me know what you think. If you've already seen it, what do you think of it? Whats your favourite episode and have you found any shows that are similar?!?!

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Get swifty everyone!

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