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Ignite Cardiff is an absolutely awesome monthly event that showcases at the Glee club, down the bay. I'd never been to the glee club before and it's a pretty cool venue! As we got to the entrance I was hit with a wall of steaming, hot chocolate. "I can smell brownies bae, where are the brownies?!"  What a beautiful welcome, we wondered in (Me in much anticipation for brownies.) and were greeted with a free drink voucher each. Man, the hospitality here! The sponsors Golley Slater had laid on a huge bar tab, thank you! Unfortunately, we we're a bit late and missed the £500 drinks limit but there's always next time right? Turns out it wasn't the smell of warm chocolate brownies awaiting us, but instead chocolate popcorn! Oh damn! I was straight on that, puppy dog eyes to break our healthy eating, hehe!

After meeting a few of the team (Ed in operations and Miranda manning the social media), that Tommy had met from previous events we grabbed a seat. Awesome sound engineering means we heard everything crystal clear even from near the back. The scene was set and the lights began to dim as the evening started. Ed introduced the event and to give it to you quickly speakers are given 5 minutes to talk to Cardiff about anything. As long as they don't stand to gain financially from it. Then it's 20 slides at 15 seconds each and that's it! Not even the team know what the talks fully entail until the evening, which is the exciting part.

A speaker that really stood out for me was Robert Chapman, a man that's running the entire perimeter of Wales. Yeah, seriously that. You may ask yourselves why an "ordinary bloke who works and lives in Cardiff" as he puts it, would run a trail marathon 50k every weekend. That's twice a normal marathon. On a quest to raise £25,000 for the Motor Neuron Disease Association in memory of his late friend, Tony John. Robert spoke about how relentless the disease can and does consume. 
 You can sponsor Robert on his journey around the Welsh coast here: Moon shadow.

Gillian Thomas was absolutely fantastic! A modern day suffragette she spoke some real truths about her personal life which was really inspiring. Touching on her husbands battle with Myeloma, Gillian spoke about her fight with the Welsh Assembly Government after being refused funding for treatment! President of Swansea's Motorcycle club in the 1980's, she is now President of Rogerstone Roses Women's institute. What a woman!

If you'd like to go along to the next Ignite event and be inspired by everyday people like you and me, it's going to be on the 27th of July! You can get your free tickets here. My top picks for the next talk are below, I actually couldn't narrow it down, because they're all taking my fancy! Obviously depression and the subject of mental health is dear to me, veganism I've tried and I am migrant seems provoking. Russian propaganda, watching Reggie Yates in Russia is frightening, it'll be interesting to see her perspective. They all look great, I hope you get a chance to check it out. Or even take to the stage!

Until Next Time... Erica xo 

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