The Neighbourhood: First Reaction vlog #2


The Neighbourhood part 2! We had so much fun filming the study buddy vlog that after we shared some footage with the guys back at HQ we went to film another! This time we brought along a couple of our friends. Our initial idea was to have a 'prinks' or pre-drinks birthday party before heading out since the student accommodation is so close to town! We even made cake, yup talk about attention to detail eh? Before we even got to filming that though, their first reactions we're so amazing and luckily caught on camera. It's a beautiful thing to catch their genuine reactions and they were so excited! It's such a gorgeous suite to imagine making your own, it just makes you literally buzz with excitement. Emily and Rachael we're quickly throwing all the questions at Tommy. While Sean, exploring all corners of the room was amazed that "He finally found a bed high enough for him, to just fall flat on! - So handy!" 

The biggest comment was how homely the suite felt and how quickly you could move in and feel at hone! We all know how time consuming moving and settling in can be. To put your mind at ease your provided with a starter pack that includes all your kitchen goods, all your utilities are included - that means no bills (yay!), white Egyptian cotton 200 thread count bed linens (no wonder Sean wanted to flop!) and even a 'love your Neighbour manual'. They're just so sweet, every detail is prempted.. they even send you a card on your birthday! The move has never been simpler!

If your ready to move in and begin University life, you can find out more over on their site or get in touch at

Until next time...Erica xo

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