The Neighbourhood Luxury Student Accommodation - Study Buddies Vlog!


The Neighbourhood is near completion! You guys know how excited I've been for the opening of the new luxury student accommodation on City Road and for good reason too. If you've been following the social media, you'll see the build taking place and the awesome top floor views. The rooms are absolutely jaw dropping, like seriously. They drop jaws! Everything you need is there ready for your move in date but moreover things you didn't even think you needed, are already there! Talk about service with a smile eh? ;) 

Taking a tour around the suite was such a pleasure, so much so I had to film a little skit! Here's Tommy and I playing house in the show room to give you a guys a feel of what it would be like to live there. Since university is about studying *cough cough* we decided to film a study buddies vlog. If you ever wanted to invite your new Uni mates over for a revision date and we advise many of those! Then your new suite is the perfect setting to do so. Studying together not only reinforces your knowledge but having someone with you actively creating memories and bouncing information back and for, will ensure you exam success! As long as you are actually studying and not chain watching your new favourite series. 

The kitchen comes fully equipped, so your ready to entertain from the word go. Or the other word, freshers! This is the time to meet lots of other students and really get settled into University. Find your group and start creating some awesome memories. There are more sneak peeks into what life with the Neighbourhood is like, so stay tuned for those. There's more information, including a virtual tour over on their site or get in touch at Booking before the end of August will see you with a new pair of Beats by Dre head phones. You can't make this stuff up. 

Until next time... Erica xo

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