The Neighbourhood, Luxury Student Accommodation: The Party


Having your own space is such a luxury. For those all important initial weeks as a student when freshers begins! Where better to hold pre-drinks than in your own student accommodation suite?

If you're yet to experience the infamous British 'pre-drinks', its the party before the partying begins! In the last few years its become a very popular way to get to know people, save a few pennies and get hyped for the night ahead. A few pre-drink essentials include the classic all American red cups, some kicking tunes and awesome lighting. Set your cups up in two pyramid shapes at either end of your gorgeous wooden table top. With a ping pong ball, try to bounce it into the middle of the table and into your opponents cup! The last cup standing is the winner, the loser.. is left fairly intoxicated! In other words, game on for beer pong!

Music is a must, get a playlist ready for the evening. Or choose a selection from those premeditated engines like Spotify to get that mood just right. You could even put out a few snacks if your feeling fancy! Lighting is probably the most over looked but most effective pre-drink accessory. If your going all out a disco ball would be something to marvel over. If disco balls aren't quite your thing, then little LEDs strategically placed or twinkling fairy lights will do the trick!

Start your evening off around 8pm, have music ready for when your guests arrive and make them feel welcome. Offer them and drink and find out what games the know. The suites are so spacious that you could even create a private dance floor in your living room! You'll make friends for life in your gorgeous, comfortable and modern flat. With USB points for them to top up their phones before heading out, not one Snapchat will be missed! Your ensuite is the perfect place to freshen up and add those finishing touches to your evening look, be it an indie night, house or your heading to the students union! Take a selfie in your full length mirror and your all good to go gorgeous. Who knows, you may create such a kicking party that your friends wont even want to leave! 

To book a viewing, get in touch with the neighbourhood at Or visit the website for more details, click here. 

Until next time.. Erica xo

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