A Day Trip To Bristol


So this summer I decided to go visit my friend Mavis in Bristol, I've been a few times in the past with school and work. This time we strolled around and she gave me a tour along the gorgeous harbor. Luckily the rain came to a stop just as my train was pulling into Temple Meads. What a bit of luck! We walked over to the aquarium, we thought it'd be fun to do something a little different. There was a lot more to see than we expected! We met a giant lobster named Mandarin on the way in, who was huge! Mavis wanted to take him home ... to eat. Evil hahaha. He looked pretty juicy to be fair. 

We took selfies with the ridiculously cute sting rays and walked along the canopy. They bounced up and down, following us around the trail in the tank. The sun shone in on us, while we walked under the waterfall and caught sight of a banana tree. To our surprise, it actually had some bananas on it! Bananas growing in Bristol, I've seen it all hahaha. 

When we completed our way around the aquarium, we met up with our friend Liv for some dinner. It was so difficult deciding where to go, with so many different restaurants to choose from. We headed over to Cabot Circus shopping centre and finally agreed on Giraffe. It was a really lovely meal, I got a harissa chicken burger with sweet potato fries. Obviously, because sweet potato fries are the bomb! 

Mango Pina Colada & Virgin Colada
The waiter was so lovely bless him, we we're so indecisive and he stayed relaxed and just laughed it off. If you've ever waited tables before you know the pains of awkward customers, changing their order and asking about everything on the menu. Yeah, we we're that table haha. Thanks for the service Alex! 

Tuk Tuk Duck 

The desserts were actually amazing. I got a huge Sunday because why not. It was massive, stuffed with salted caramel ice-cream, caramel popcorn, pretzels and more salted caramel. Oh my damn, I could literally feel it going to by thighs, but oh man was it worth it.

 Until next time ... xo 

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