Recipe: Banh Hoi & Crispy Tofu


Mmm, extremely healthy & surprisingly comforting Buddha bowl! If you don't know what a Buddha bowl is, it's the new foodie craze taking over pinterest and Australia. It's basically a big 'ole bowl of all the good stuff, you can put anything healthy you like in there. Once you call it a Buddha bowl, it automatically becomes awesome. 

I made banh hoi (rice noodle cakes), with stir fry broccoli and tofu. So simple, so healthy & fresh and most importantly so delicious! It's so easy, 

1: Steam your noodles.
2: Wash, cut & fry broccoli in a little oil. Season with a pinch of salt & pepper.
3: Pan fry tofu until golden and crispy on the sides.
4: Add all into a bowl.
5: Top with spring onion, crispy onions & soya sauce.

Seriously, try this. You wont regret it. 

Until next time ... xo

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