Dealing With Acne: 5 Top Tips & My Miracle Solution


Urgh, who likes acne right? Get outta here! It's painful, sore and embarrassing. Nothing to be ashamed of, but we all get a little insecure about our skin sometimes right? I was extremely lucky in my teen years. Although the majority of my family suffered with bad bulging acne, it seemed to skip me. I was always squeemish over the tiniest pimples, pretty trivial in hindsight. My early twenties though? Here they come! The break out has occurred and an angry mountain range has taken shelter on my chin. Great.

When it first started to appear, I was extremely conscious of it. Trying a) not to disturb them and b) to hide them! Ahh some serious catch 22. After many a pep talk from family and friends, I resisted touching them and tried to ignore them. Stopping all foundation and concealer and trying to let them breath. It helped initially but continued to get worse. So many people suffer with acne and just deal with it that, I knew there'd be no instant cure cream in existence. Otherwise we'd all know about it right?! Wishing for some kind of relief wash or anything really, I went to the Dr's still hopeful that something could help.

What a dream, I got some amazing topical solution for ma face. I've been using it alongside a hydrating ointment for the last 4 months and it's been working like a charm! My face isn't so raw and angry now, my pores are beginning to close and the mountains are flattening out. There's a little scarring, but that's to be expected. So what is this miracle solution I hear you cry?!

Dalacin T which contains clindamycin phosphate, which seems to be the key ingredient. This stuff is amazing. It's smells absolutely awful, like a chemical plant. Which goes against my all natural product ethics but needs breeds must. It stings a little on application, but you know that means it's working. I apply this twice a day on a clean face, morning and night. The ointment the GP gave me is Hydromol. I'm sure I've seen this in the family before, for the eczma sufferers! This stuff is the bomb! With a similar consistency to vaseline, I was really worried this would block my pores and worsen the whole situation. Nope! It's amazing. Dry spots be gone. Not wanting to add more chemicals to the cocktail, this doubles as a soap too. So, this acts as a substitute for face wash right now and is seriously hydrating - with no blocked pores wheyy! So get to your Dr asap and see what they can advise you.

Although this prescription was amazing, I realise that Dr's on NHS time don't have time to properly  advise. We're all aware of their strict timings and budget right? So we can't forget that sometimes they only have for a quick diagnosis before prescription. What I'm saying is, it's a bit of a plaster because I'm into my holistic treatments. I didn't find out what the cause of my outbreak was, but I'm pretty sure it's stress and a bad diet. A little too much sugar in my diet probably, I've been back on the paleo since!

So here are my top tips for dealing right now:

Yeah, number one top tip. Keep ya paws off ya face! They're the things that touch everything. Your hands are covered in bacteria that we don't see, so back off. No squeezing, checking or fondling of any sort.

A bottle on hand is what you need. Not sure what it is, maybe it's the mindfulness and thought that goes into simply filling a bottle? Having a bottle on hand just increases your water intake success rate, like 10 fold. Water, water, water couldn't rave about it more. Not only will you feel more sprightly, but it'll add luster to your skin. Mmm.

So important, can't stress this enough! I need to practice what I preach here, how many of us are getting our 8hrs a night? Put down the tech, step away from the net and get some shut eye. Lack of sleep is terrible for health, mental health and your skin will reveal all. Ah what a tell tale! Bags under your eyes and a dull complexion! Don't do it!

What you need! Your body is a temple, the cheesiest health line ever, but it's all so true. Imagine your body is an engine (because it literally is) everything you put into it, is used as fuel. What you feed your body you become, we break parts of our food down to use for energy, growth and repair. That means we're literally built out of what we consume. You are what you eat, my uncle told me this so many times! I never got it, I was always like..  "I'm chocolate, hahaha!"

Sugar is not what you need. You may have a craving for it, but believe me it's gna go straight to your face! Like hyperactive kids, the last thing you want to feed your acne is excessive energy to grow! The Chinese call it having warm blood or blood that is too hot. This is caused by stress and high energy foods like sugar, cheese or even Gensing which raises blood temperature. If your ill or it's winter months, you'd go for these things. Generally, if your breaking out you want to eat things that will lower your blood temperature. Bitter foods, with higher water content that are nurturing. Things like cucumber, kale and green tea are always good!

Top tip from Mama Lam. Mum used to get really bad acne, she can read my habits from my face now haha. Like acne tarot cards. Mama Lam says to boil the kettle and pour the hot water into a boil. **CAUTION, the water is very hot!** If you fail to realise this, we should just let natural selection rule you out, but you know... health and safety! Then a hot flannel into the water, ring the excess water off, open out to cool slightly and place onto your face. Warning, this is very hot. Be cautious and test it slowly first. Steam your skin as if you were at a spa, this is great for drawing out impurities.
If you can't handle this, lean your face over the top of the bowl and place the towel over the back of your head. Create a kind of bubble and steam yourself for a few minutes.
I find this really helps before bed, especially if the acne is sensitive or irritated from toxins throughout the day. It's also ridiculously relaxing if you stick some Sunday house or spa playlist on in the background.

I hope this helps!

Until next time ... xo 

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