They're Open | The Neighbourhood Vlog #5 USB ports!


The Neighbourhood has finally opened! In our excitement Tommy and I rushed over to see the cinema, chill out room and breakfast bar. It's absolutely gorgeous, you're welcomed by a quirky 'Hey!' painted into the residence letter boxes - too cute, I love it. Then in the spacious, open plan reception the lovely guys greeting you. Bright and airy, the breakfast bar drew our eyes straight away (of course our noses too!). There was an amazing glass jar filled with cucumber & mint water sitting on a gorgeous wooden top. Breakfast calling to be eaten. Leather seating beckoned to us, ridiculously comfy we sunk into them. In the corner of our eye we noticed 'Snug' the chill out room, with a pool table! It's amazing, we literally fell in love with the space, design and feel. The vending & coffee machines though, pure luxury.

We couldn't get over the amazing attention to detail in the bedrooms! They have so many awesome features we didn't even realise we needed. For all the times you need that extra USB port, guess what? They're already built in. Like plugs, but USBs! Mind blown. We marvelled over the convenience of the book light and the general awesomeness of the suite. 

It was so lovely to see some of the gang and students checking in to their new homes. The community is really starting to grow, taking these luxury suites from just accommodation to a Neighbourhood. Beautiful, isn't it? If you'd like to be part of the community, book a viewing or take a virtual tour click here.

Until next time ... xo

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