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Vivid Optical is the UK's leading agency in optometry recruitment. This summer I caught up with Luke, one of the directors, of this leading company. We had an interesting chat about the recruitment process and how Vivid Optical stands a cut above the rest. They're not just an agency, but one specifically for those in the field of optics and optometry. From finding pre-registration places, to qualified optoms, optical assistants & practice managers. 

The unique process is tailored not only to your needs in terms of location, experience and salary. But also your goals and aspirations as to where you'd like to be in 5 or even 10 years. Luke and his team have worked hard to create an experience which places the best people into the perfect environment, helping craft a world of opportunities to each client. Ensuring long term success, rather than just a short term position.

Here's a quick breakdown of how their services work:

The Consultation
A quick chat over the phone, where you’re in control. You can give as much about your dream job as you wish or if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for a vague idea of what you'd like. The team take your basic personal info, your current situation and future needs into careful consideration. 
The key point I got here, was that this is not just a case of finding a candidate and quickly filling an open position. At this stage, Vivid Optical work to ensure they find you an ideal role with room to grow, learn and progress. There was a huge emphasis at looking long term, in order to fulfil serious career goals. 

The Options
After carefully sifting through their listings and established contact book, the team will get back to you with all your options. With their strong understanding of how undertaking a location move to follow a position is, they know it's a decision that is not made lightly. They'll give you a breakdown of all the options that are relevant to your future goals and current situation. Giving you guidance along every step of the process, they cater to your priorities to ensure you both get it right, first time. 

The Interview
Arranging the interview with them is so simple, book into the slot that you are available. After the set up date, the team want to ensure your success. They will prep you with interview questions and answer so you aren't caught off guard. Giving you vital interview confidence to truly show the best of yourself & your skills.

The Transition
Once your interview is complete, Vivid continue to assist you with their expert experience. Providing you with an interview debrief, which is essential for your own learning and personal development. You'll be able to find out what you did right and more importantly if you did anything wrong! They'll talk through your interview, get your opinions about how it went and answer any questions you may have. Following a successful interview, the team will communicate your requirements to the practice and discuss all your terms. Relaying the information and negotiating the terms, you can be at ease knowing your best interests are at heart. Building on a solid reputation, the team know it is essential to meet expectations of both client and candidate then deliver.

What really sets Vivid Optical apart from the rest is their reach in terms of network. Having built such a strong network within the field and gaining strong connections with the big names to the smaller independents too; they have an extensive phone book of practice managers, hiring teams and essentially friends. Setting a standard for matching candidates with prime positions and also clients with some of the best candidates across the UK. Through social media you can speak on a more personal level with the consultants, as students this is such a massive platform for connecting, discovering and keeping in touch. This modern approach and extensive network has allowed them to have priority with new position openings and recently qualified professionals. Being this connected means they carefully read different situations and are able to make experienced matches for both practice and practitioner. 

I was really pleasantly surprised to hear the attention to detail taken in terms of personal aspirations. The team really understand the nature and drive of professionals and want to ensure a smooth transition. 

You can contact Luke and the team at or give them call 0207 952 6677.

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