Figure 1: The amazing medical app


I've been so excited to share this app with you guys! It really is incredible, in short Figure 1 allows you to discover and discuss medical cases from every speciality. In their own words and my own experience, you can see rare conditions and encounter innovative treatments for a range of cases! The app is designed for those in the healthcare profession and is aimed at connecting those with similar interests to share case studies. You can get a second opinion on a prognosis or just see something new!

It's been a really great tool for revising but also to encounter more extreme or rare occurrences that you wouldn't usually see. Especially since at this point in our career (students) we're still testing on each other - young, healthy students of similar ages. More than just amazing photos, there are videos of ground breaking surgeries. Displayed frame by frame, the video comes to life as you drag and increase the speed of the photos! It means you have full control of the video and can pause on any frame to take a closer look. The instruments are clearly labelled by the publisher, so you know what tools are being used, where and why.

I wanted to take loads of screenshots of all different kinds of pathologies, surgeries and traumas I've come across, but unfortunately it doesn't comply with their terms and conditions. The app works to keep patient confidentially sound as its core foundation. Any identifying features such as tattoos are removed and of course their names! Then your left purely with the case and a bunch of medics discussing the findings.

For want of a better comparison, Figure 1 somewhat resembles Facebook. With the ability to comment, favourite and follow different cases. The accepted diagnosis is bumped to the top. With comments being voted up or down on relevance by peers. You just need to enter your email to be verified as a health care professional and your away.

Seriously, you need to download this!

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