What will 2017 bring you?


January comes with the annual New Year resolutions. New year, new me. I'm not going to make any resolutions this year, instead I'm going to make goals. The new year always feels like a fresh start and rightly so; it should have some fresh goals to go with. I don't know about you but 2016 was a roller coaster. I'm sure you've learnt so much in 2016 too, reminiscing about the thrills, laughs and tears as the year draws to a close? So much happened and honestly, I wouldn't change it for anything. I learnt so much about myself, people and what I want from life.

"Find what you love and never stop doing it!"

In 2016, I realised my love for helping people. I'm extremely empathetic and I'm so grateful to have this ability. Understanding people has given me such a powerful tool to connect with others and has given me new perspectives on so many aspects of life.

I got through my depression! There are still ups and downs but life wouldn't be life without it. I'm so glad to have experienced it so that I can relate to others and share what helped me. Not only this but the good days are even sweeter now that I can fully appreciate them.

"Never underestimate the power of a positive mindset."

Meditation became part of my routine. It sounds really cliche and maybe even a little silly, but whenever I got stressed I turned to meditation. There's a brilliant centre near me which is completely calming and the instructors that guide you along are fantastic. If I really couldn't make time to attend a session though, I'd do a quick 20 minute yoga session on YouTube which worked beautifully. I kid you not, getting stressed? Try this.

I learnt to be a little more selfish. Or should I say prioritise myself? More so than anything else in 2016, I learnt that I shouldn't cancel on myself. When I agree in to impromptu plans or give in to complications, I cancel on myself. Which messes with my long-term goals, which spirals my emotions. If you planned to do something, it's going to suck that you have to tell someone no. But part of growing up is learning to say no, forgetting your fear of missing out and reaching your own aspirations.

Really, I could go on and on but lets get down to what a fresh year is all about. Making dem goals!
In 2017 I endeavour to;

1. Complete the 2nd year of Optometry to the best of my ability - Top of the list!
Feeling so good about studies at the moment, there's a lot more to this field than meets the eye. *Ba Dum Ts* I'm really excited to see where we're headed with future tech & also heading into the field in July to Romania! There's a serious lack of health care in Romania and a team of us are heading out with a mission to provide as many specs as we can! If you'd like to join the mission, donate to our frame funds!

2. Maintain a good work/family balance.
Have you ever noticed how there's not enough hours in the day? Like 24 hours is really not enough! Everybody gets the same number of hours, some use it more wisely than others. Some use it to become successful beyond their dreams. You can't do this without love and support and being loving and supporting.

3. Give to others, helping charities and continue to raise awareness. 
The biggest joys I've found in life come from helping others drastically. Things, possessions - that happiness is temporary. When you know that someones life is for the better because of you, it's an unrivalled feeling.

4. Be a truly healthy person.
Dieting & exercising just to lose weight is so superficial, but also physically and mentally demanding. Incorporating these as part of who you are all gear towards living a better life, being healthier, ensuring longevity & happiness. It's time to put an end to fad diets and really look at how we treat our bodies and mentality.

5. Make good money.
 I hate to be materialistic but I also like nice things hehehe. Seriously though, we all know money can't buy you happiness. My brother shared this with me recently,

And it's true. As long as you realise this then ok. I'm not chasing money to buy me happiness. It wont. I'm chasing money because it brings security and freedom, it gives you a voice and a platform. I chase money so that I can provide for my brothers, look after my elders and create experiences for my future family.

Hope the New year brings you all wish & work for. Lots of love,
Until 2017 .... xo xo

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