Cardiff Reacts to Trump's Muslim Ban + Video


Yesterday I attended a protest against Trump's Muslim Ban. The US president called for a temporary ban against citizens of 7 Muslim countries from entering the states. This left so many people detained being unable to enter or leave America. Lawyers gathered to do Pro Bono cases for family members stuck in limbo. Viral videos depict the pain and shock of people waiting for their family as the order was signed while they were still in the air!

What kind of crazy prejudice is this? How is this justified? An extreme Executive Order from DT which has outraged the world. There are people that stand with Trump, but we stand against him.

****EDIT (This was actually a social experiment to provoke reactions from protesters.)

If you have any fears, do your own research. Find your own evidence, don't listen to the scapegoating propaganda of one source. Go talk to some Muslims, they're really lovely, gentle and caring people. It's incomprehensible that in 2017 we can tarnish a whole group of people with the same brush.

Every platform of my social media has been plastered with Trump since he began running for POTUS, I honestly thought the bad joke would blow over and it'd all go away. To my dismay, here we are months down the line and the guy sleeps in the White house. Is this for real?

I've never been one for politics. Though I've always tried to stay in the loop and make an informed vote as and when required. No more, politics has been thrust upon us so quickly that it's time for young people to seriously get clued up. We need to know where our values lie and where our morals stand, not just vote labour because our family do. Vote Green because we're concerned for the environment or even the Monster Raving Loony party because the name is simply too hilarious to pass up. Or else, we may find ourselves in the same situation. Or have we already? Since when is a democracy run by a Prime Minister who was not voted into power? Literally, where did she come from? Secretary to PM, without evening gauging public opinion first. Doesn't sound very British to me.

We live in an age where we're bombarded with endless reams of conflicting information, hyped up by the media. To our teens, Trump must have seemed like an outrageous reality TV star, not genuinely up for office. Oh wait. There are too many unanswered questions for  my liking, too many confusing and conflicting news stories and opinions. We want real answers, motives and justice.

I'm new into politics, still learning and still finding my feet. So take what I say with a pinch of salt, but take it quickly. You can not be neutral on a moving train. Being passive about your morals, beliefs and values mean you are complying with what is happening around you. Passive wont work, but neither will violence. How many times must history repeat itself before we learn? We're on track for war and once again, we must stress - Muslims are not the problem. Jew's were not the problem. Black people were not the problem.

Corrupt people are the problem.

We the people, are the majority; we outnumber the people in power. We must make our voices heard. We are the 99%.

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