Foodies Guide to City Road No.116 Shaam Nights


The foodies guide to City Road begins! The sheer amount of restaurants on this road is ridiculous and we've taken on the momentous task of trying them all. Dear Syria & Lebanon what secret spice mixes are you using, like seriously? I've tried to imitate this type of food for so long and I'm always met with failure. If you guys know, please fill me in!

First stop on the tour, Shaam nights. Comes highly recommended both online and from friends. With good reason too. After having not eaten all day, you know meetings and such, I was ravenous. Let me tell you, we we're not disappointed! The portions are huge and the prices are not, just what we like to hear right?

The decor is absolutely gorgeous, with tunes to match we really felt like we'd found a little escape away from Wales and into the middle east. I've always been obsessed with this decadent style of interior and their lights too, just so mesmerising. The staff are absolutely lovely, genuine and friendly which is always a major bonus for any establishment.  

If we, (by we I mean Tommy and I) find mango lassi on the menu then that is what we're drinking. It's started a trend now so we can compare mwahaha. Theres is on point. You can really taste the mango, so fresh and luxurious. Heavy, as with all lassi's but still retaining the light and fruity nature of that exotic fruit, BAM! Try it.

We got the Mix Mezza £8 which was really nice. The falafel was so good, they're absolutely huge which gives an epic bite. I'm not normally one for vine leaves, but thought I'd give them a chance haha. They we're really tasty, slightly sharp , so savoury and succulent filled with rice. Didn't realise how big the portions we're, it came with two giant nan breads freshly cooked. Still warm and had a slight crackle to them which was great. They held their shape for dipping and filling, from which we made numerous combinations. It comes with 2 helpings of hummus either side, a smoked kind of salsa which was lovely and baba ghanoogh which was probably my favourite. Pictured top middle of the dips. It was creamy but lighter than the hummus. This btw, was the best hummus I've ever had. It was so smooooth and I'm talking Barry White smooth baby.

Tommy got a mixed grill £10.50. You guys have to know what food envy is right? Well, I immediately had a massive dose and it just didn't go away. Being the gentlemen he is and the kind of eaters we are, we shared everything. He cut me chunks of his meat and each just got better and better. Like seriously, what herbs do they use in the middle east? I asked, but it must be top secret. There's a lamb skewer, chicken skewer and 2 koftas. The skewers we're literally off the hook, oh my days. Served with rice, garlic mayo and a little salad. 

I got the lamb biryani £10 literally because one of my friends shared a meme on facebook that biryani is bae. You know when this is their daily food and their shouting about it you gotta try it right? They we're not wrong, sorry Tommy biryani is bae. I was worried it was going to be a little dry and started to regret not ordering the lamb with a tomato based sauced. When it came though, dang son. I've never had rice so moist, lamb so soft or food so well seasoned. The cucumber and yogurt dip to ease the spice was a nice extra. Unnecessary though, the biryani had a little tickle, but not worth a 3 chilli spice rating. I felt they probably knew that though and brought out the heavy artillery without any prompts.

Centre shot there is the most memorable chilli sauce I have ever had. Literally, it hit all the notes. Sweet, hot, salty, savoury, all the flavours just banging up in this little tube. The waiter, who looked like a middle eastern Joey Tribiani told us it was filled with garlic, coriander and "spices". Again with the secret spices.

They really looked after us in S.N, after we finished our meals. (I got mine to go by the way, because that thing was huge. Had it for dinner tonight, just as good the second time around Mmm.) We sat and just enjoyed the satisfying feeling and to soak in the atmosphere a little longer. They noticed we we're quite comfortable and offered us some mint tea on the house. We we're much obliged! To our delight, they even brought  us dessert... always got room for that. They we're little pancake parcels, filled with fresh cream and pistachio. OMG, it looked a little rich but it just burst in our mouths. Was incredibly light, creamy and surprisingly fresh. I wished there was more. The pinched ends of the parcels were an awesome, subtle touch. Meaning you could easily pick them up as little finger bites, mess free, cutlery free.

Coming highly recommended, with a solid 5/5
Shaam Nights, it was an absolute pleasure! Thank you so much for a gorgeous evening, filled with surprises and delicious food. If your beginning your City Road conquest or just looking for a great grill, you've just found it. Your welcome.

Until next time... xo

116 City Road
CF24 3DQ

02920 482824

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