VLOG FeD - a la carte buffet menu launch! #FeDChefSpecial


Well and truly FeD! I was so excited when Nok mentioned the bloggers event at FeD buffet, I'd never been before but heard lots about it. I wasn't let down, the food was lovely! They've launched a new menu and concept in Cardiff.

You know the usual buffet style, well that's still there. You pay the set price and eat your heart out. With dishes from every continent and desserts to satisfy any sweet tooth, but now there's a twist! Who doesn't love a plot change right? Haha. FeD have introduced their Chef's Special menu. Once you've been seated in their super comfy leather arm chairs, your waiter takes your a la carte order. You've got a choice of 5 fresh, made to order dishes! (Even cocktails too!)

There's an awesome range of dishes with the crispy veg dumplings and Asian style pork being the stand outs. I was lucky enough to share some of Nok's steak, sharing is caring right? ;) I wish I'd had enough space to try the grilled baby aubergine curry, it looked so good! I literally had no space though, especially if I was going to get any dipping in - chocolate fountain dipping!

Grilled Aubergine Curry
Beef Steak
Pork Shoagyaki
 The best thing about a la carte is that it comes piping hot from the kitchen, right to your face. So you can enjoy it, at its best as the chef's intended it to be. The pork was so succulent and a fantastic mix of sweet and salty. It sat on a bed of red peppers and cherry tomatoes, with sliced cucumber dancing on top. A perfect combination to refresh your palate.. or kick start you for the buffet!

If your into your gyozas you'd love the crispy veg dumplings, they have a moreish filling with a crunchy outer. Served with broccoli to giving a perfect yin-yang balance, to the bursting pockets of flavour. If like me, you're a little thrifty go for one of the other 4 options .. I may have spied the dumplings at the buffet bar. Hehe.

Salmon Maki
The frying steak had such a great flavour and melted in the mouth. Accompanied by fried garlic, a winner for any meat lover. All of the cocktails were fantastic. The presentation really wowed me, were we actually at a buffet? If you enjoy a cheeky rum or 2 go for the Feddy Favourite, it definitely has a rum or 4!  *Cough* strong but so good! The apple mojito was extremely cute, resembling a little silver garden bucket, its as if they hand picked the apples fresh from the field. I also tried the spring breeze cocktail, which was a sweet treat.

Apple Mojito
Spring Breeze

Then to conclude our VIP experience at FeD, we were brought over desserts from the buffet bar and welcomed to try anything we liked at the buffet. I had to make the most of the opportunity, it'd be rude not to! I spotted a masala fish dish that I couldn't pass up. I was not disappointed, so moist and bursting with herbs and spices. If I wasn't so stuffed I would have filled up on that. I must try to make this at home, just fresh white fish, seasoned well. Healthy and delicious. 

L Masala Fish R BBQ Rib

Selection From Buffet

All in all, I had an absolutely fantastic evening at FeD. If you're looking for something a little different, something with a little added value, this is for you. The staff are so welcoming, friendly and up for a chat. They make you feel special and having a made to order meal, will make you feel special.

Feddy Favourite

Thank you for the feels and the food FeD! 

Until next time ... xo

Mary Ann St, 
CF10 2EN


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