13 Miles for Science


Compulsory we're a fit couple picture pre-race.

I've signed up for my 2nd Cardiff half! You know when you commit to something and your motivation rises... we'll I'm fully committed. I have to run it and I have to finish.

It's such a buzz completing a half marathon. When Tommy initially tried to get me into it, I just couldn't conceive of it. I mean unfit and a life long running hater, how could I run 13.1 miles? It was unthinkable. But to finishing with 22,000 other people and the streets lined with crowds cheering along was just insane! There's nothing like it. Ever since, I've been trying to convince everyone I know to give it a go. Seriously, if you can complete this, even if you walk part of the way... if you do this, what else could you do! Last year, I told myself that if I could run a half marathon, I could do anything and it really gave me the confidence to turn my hand to so many new things. I urge you to sign up. Prove yourself wrong. 

Moments after the race, minutes before coming face to face with a giant pizza.

My goal is to beat my previous time, it's a race after all! I came in 2hrs 10mins last October, with a target of 2 hours. This year, I'll be under or on that 2 hour target! I'm running for Cardiff University Neuroscience department to help fund their amazing research in Alzheimer's disease and mental health. They've sponsored my place, in exchange for my pledge to raise £100, so if you have a little extra change, a donation would be mean a lot :D.

 Smoking was a huge strain on my fitness. Told myself I would quit because I'd be stronger without them. As the weeks went by, I gave myself longer and longer. "I'll quit 1 month before, 1 week before 2 days before." It got to the point where I smoked my last fag the night before the marathon. Needless to say, my body paid for that. This time around - I'm no longer a full time smoker, which I'm hoping will bring down my time! 

Feeling good after my run this morning! Yes, I wear this shirt for all training purposes. It does get washed, haha.

I ran a few times a week, I did very little sprint training ... because it hurts! Regular 5 mile runs in the lead up and the furthest I ran prior was 8 miles; around the gorgeous Cardiff bay. Now my attitude to running has changed. Wherever I am now, my running stuff is with me. I do shorter, but faster runs every few days. Longer runs on others. If I'm feeling tired after work or it's just been a long day, then I'll just get around the block. Got another run planned before work tomorrow, next task waking up even earlier. Lets do this team.

Link to sign up to Cardiff Half - I dare you!

Link to show some donation love.
JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

Until next time Erica ... xo 

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