Hello Bristol - Alright me lover!


First things first, cuppa tetley. 

I have arrived!

Literally couldn’t wait to get out and go for a run, before I’d even unpacked or ate (very unusual behaviour I know), the running gear was on. The clouds had cleared and the sun was shining. My route strategically passed the practice I’m starting at, along the canal & even discovering some gorgeous floating restaurants! Do you remember Rosie & Jim? They looked just like that, dotted along the water. Lush.

So picturesque, I never really thought of Bristol that way before. Well, having only seen it from the window of a school bus en route to the Hippodrome & Cabot circus… doesn’t quite do it justice. As I took in the hidden eateries, cobbled roads and bustling beer gardens, I got pooped on. Yup. Trying to vlog my amazing 1st day in Bristol, I was propping my phone up against a tree for an edgy camera angle. Simultaneously and with almost comedic timing, nature called for my feathered friend. Splat. Confused and startled I looked down on my prized Cardiff half t-shirt. I literally legged it back to the hotel, desperately trying to not let anyone see or smell me. Straight into the shower. What just happened?!?! Yeah, that. 

Honestly the will to not put on weight and save money is so strong. No idea where it came from, but going to ride this wave for as long as it lasts. There's definitely a cheat meal and glass of wine in sight, but not for now. Cleaned up, I headed out for groceries. At Tesco got a bunch of fresh fruit and veg that need no real prep. I had packed Vietnamese rice paper too, so I rolled up some chicken & veg. Cheeky dash of soya sauce, Sooo good.

All of the snacks! Gotta love a bargain.

My only bug is no wifi, I know it's a luxury, but seriously everything is online now! Go turn your router off and think of things you can do. Yeah, feel my pains hahaha. It's £3/day or there's a deal £35 for the duration of my stay. Nah. I'll survive, I packed a skipping rope and a copy of Elliot. Living it large, ha. I will collate all the little clips into a vlog soon, but I'm absolutely shattered! Started at the Opticians today, it was busy... and they said it was a quiet one for them! The post will come in time, learnt so much in 1 day, but for now I gotta kip. 

Until next time ... Erica xo 

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