I'm doing what?!


I've seen so much! 

So nervy starting your first day anywhere. I'm always really excited to meet new people, but I'm shy too. Anyone else like that? It's a weird mix of confident reservation, haha. Exams were only a few weeks ago, but you know when you just worry you'll have forgotten it all. Like how do I optom again?! Especially since the placement is to meet my supervisor and colleagues for pre-reg! It went well though and everybody in store is lovely.

Placement life started at collections, shadowing the department manager initially. Man, these guys know their trade - all the NHS forms, patient requirements, fittings etc. It was crazy how quickly they did things. It got pretty busy, pretty quickly  (they said it was quiet, haha). Looking around, everybody was seeing to patients and I felt like a bit of a lemon. Under the department managers guidance, I decided to jump in. Knowing the theory of stuff is completely different to practising it. I knew what I had to do, but everybody is unique, so you have to be able to adapt to them and quickly.

In one day alone, there was such a spectrum of different cases & patients! From some patients being unable to catch the bus to come into store, to others buying 4 pairs of specs. Some had small ears so their specs didn't want to hold on. One patient had had a corneal graft, then a penetrating injury which ripped out the stitches and damaged his lens. He became an aphake, (no power in his eye and therefore no power to change it from distance to near) and was coping with RGPs. While his other eye had some serious cyls. Wow. He was so kind explaining his history to me, a probing random stranger. Thanks Mr!

Day 2 was even better, my supervising optom asked where I wanted to go. Without even thinking I blurted out dispensing! Yeah, I'd love some more experience in frame fitting, lens choices & balancing them all with prescriptions. But am I really ready to help decide someones future glasses?! After learning the ropes at pre-screening (IOPs, Rx & Fundus) doing pressures, auto refraction and retina photos, dispensing was next up.

My first dispense wasn't too bad, NHS voucher and -0.50DS/ -0.25DC. She chose a gorgeous pair of (Dame Edna sized glasses, minus the rhinestones & cross dressing) specs for HA from VDU.
Translation: Using the computer for work was causing headaches, so now she has specs!
After that I got a little buzz and couldn't wait to help more patients with their glasses. 

One lady was in for her DVLA visual field testing, so now I know what that is! So chuffed, nerd alert. If you ever need to do a DVLA VF, check which group they belong to, 1 or 2. Then it's Esterman visual field (1 or 2), I did it on the HENSON 9000. Goldmann III, white stimulus. It's a binocular test with driving Rx. I was shocked that it did 120 locations and the patient had to do it 3 times! Dang! She was really understanding bless her and of course really wanted her license! If I could have made you a cuppa lady, I would have.

Yes my shin cup is empty, I'm starving after work. Wasn't going to faff around taking food pics. Sorry, not sorry.

All in all, it's been a fab start. Also, I wondered off the veg only situation & had ramen pot noodle for dinner. Hot food omg. It was delicious. I had a seriously healthy lunch, chicken breast, tomato, pointed cabbage and celery, think I earned that dinner. I'll check in again tomorrow, thank you for all the lovely messages! The support is amazing and your all amazing.

Until next time ... Erica xo

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