Pie in the sky & Falafel in the park FT. Scarlett Moffat


I know people do this full time, like all year round, but oh my days this is tiring!

Day 3 - Back on pre-screening and I got to see some cool fundus photos. One patient asked if he was going to have a visual field test and was literally so excited. I’ve never seen someone so eager to put their head the bowl! I explained that unless he’d been advised by an optom, that it was probably not necessary for his age. Then he described his defect, he had a pie in the sky! I met my first pie in the sky guy! Have you ever tried to describe a lesion to Meyers loop? Without sounding like they need urgent medical attention? Gently, I told him ‘it’s to do with *this* area of your brain,’ and left it at that. Hahaha. He seemed happy enough.

My supervisor was telling me about some cool stuff she’d seen this week too. Somehow, I missed the anxious patient with a subconjunctival hemorrhage, bulging out of her eye, that had originally come in to pick up her specs! (She was referred.) There was even a hemianopia patient too! Didn’t do any dispensing today, but handled a few collections and made a few frame adjustments which was nice.

For lunch, I met up with my cousin who took me to this awesome food quarter. The lunch scene is Bristol is insane, compared to Cardiff it’s a haven. There’s so much street food and apparently even more on designated days. We went to St. Nicholas market where randomly, Gogglebox's Scarlett Moffatt was there! Should have got a selfie, but instead I just shoved my camera in her face. My bad Scarlett! We got a falafel box, which was sooo good. Fresh crispy falafel with a huge scoop of hummus on top of couscous and salad for days. A mix of tomatoes, cucumber, cabbage salads of all different types. With loads of types of pickles too, love me a good pickle! The queue was insane, clear hot spot for the locals!

There’s this gorgeous pre-reg vlogger that I follow on Instagram and she was saying how tiring it is to work full time and study too. Pre-reg is definitely going to be demanding, just coming home to write up my blog posts is taxing, let alone hitting the books hard! It’ll all be worth it though. Hold tight optoms.

Hope your week is going well! 
Until next time… Erica xo

The best falafel in town.

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