Quick Update - 2nd year is over!


Long time no speak!

It's been a while, so much has happened! I've finished 2nd year! Can't believe how quickly that's flown by. I write this from the shell of my bedroom. I've been packing to move, but I'm not going home just yet. After exams I spent a lot of time at my parents, I missed my family so much while I was studying. It was so nice just to chat, eat and play games with them (Mario kart) without having to rush off back to campus for a while.

Now there's just 1 more day left in this flat, when did this happen?! I feel like I just got here, 10 months ago granted, but wow. Sunday I leave for summer placement. If you're not familiar with the process, after your 2nd year of study you find your pre-reg store. It's where you polish your new found skills with the optical council, to legally practise Optometry once you graduate. I'll be working in the store dispensing specs and helping with frame choices, maybe doing some pre-testing. See where it takes me!

Actual footage of my actual bedroom floor, post exams. 

So whats new since I wrote last?
Miss Wales is over! Such an amazing experience. If you followed my Facebook page you'll know I had a great time. Learnt a lot about myself and about others. I held a charity street food pop-up event, (what a mouth-full),  for Beauty with a Purpose, the Miss World organisation's charity. Which was a success! Would love to do that again.

Drum roll please. I've quit smoking! I haven't smoked since the beginning of exams. A strange time to decide to quit. I questioned whether I was just trying to make life more difficult for myself, but I think I perform better under pressure. I've tried to stop so many times in the past but to no avail. No matter how many times I failed, each time I would always tell myself I could stop if I really wanted to... I just didn't want to. Pffff. We tell ourselves what we want to hear though, right? It's been 23 days since my last fag! Confession, I did have 1 after a cheeky tipple, but we all make mistakes. We're only human. 

Louis Stone photo shoot for new range with Left Mim & Right keshia

Did my first paid modelling job! Can you believe it? Nope, neither can I! I always wanted to model. For the chubby child inside me, it was a dream I thought I'd never realise. But here I am. And for such a great company too. I did a photo shoot for Louis Stone previously, they were kind enough to sponsor a charity project I'm taking part in, giving eye tests in Romania. It was great working with them and they invited me back on this paid shoot which was fab. I can't wait for them to launch their gorgeous new range and see the shots!

Team Romania minus 1!

Yeah, Romania! A team from Optom are heading out to rural Romania to do eye tests and give out glasses. I've done a few eye tests up until now, on other students and some paid patients. I've never done an eye test, written up a prescription... where it's actually been made and worn! It's going to be so awesome, I'm really excited. You can donate to the cause here, where the funds will go towards buying lenses and frames.

So that's kind of it in a nutshell. I've got to get some sleep now, still got to pack away my kitchen tomorrow! I'll keep you updated with the summer placement process. What life is like, living from a hotel room. And heading out to eastern Europe.

Until next time... (And I promise it wont be quite as long between posts!)
.. Erica xo

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