That's a wrap!


The toiletries and extras. Rest of wardrobe crammed into suitcase out of shot.

Completely moved out of the flat, literally can't believe it! Onwards & upwards!

Tomorrow, I'm heading to Bristol to start my summer placement, I'm really excited to be in another city! Like every other trip, I've massively over packed. I'll be gone for just shy of a month... which warrants an excessive amount of clothes no?! Shoes at least?! I never realised I had such an obsession with shoes until I was limited on space. What if the weather takes a nice turn, or we go out for dinner or I'm just feeling a little fancy? Seriously though, I can barely lift up the suitcase so I've got to lose some stuff. Hahaha.

I love exploring and especially now that I'm into running. It's such an awesome way to explore new places you know? You can go at your own pace and just soak it all in. I've been to Bristol a few times before, but never really stayed there. There's such a good food scene there too! Nom, nom, nom. Since quitting smoking, I've been so worried about putting on weight. Your metabolism slows down and food tastes better - a recipe for disaster! I've been running more often, but now I'm getting more serious about what I'm eating too. The post exam honeymoon is well and truly over!

It'll be really interesting maintaining a healthy diet, while living in a hotel. You know how much I love to cook, and there's no kitchen, so...! It's going to be a challenge, I can't wait. I've already planned out some recipes that are hotel room friendly and the basic tools they'll require. The room has a kettle too so I've got a means of cooking some stuff. There was a hilarious recipe online for toasties (grilled cheese sandwiches), you just make the sandwich with your fillings of choice. Then wrap it completely in foil and iron it. With an iron. Not in my meal plan, but also not sure how dire the situation will get, hahaha. I'll let you know. Follow me on instagram to keep up to date: spinachandspecs

Another early one tomorrow, unpacking the extra trimmings of my luggage before I go. 
Until next time ... Erica xo 

To everyone affected by the London attacks, my heart goes out to you. To all the cities and all the nations that have experienced attacks, my heart goes out to you. I hope we can stop the 'pray for _____' soon and just live.

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