A Night At The Rooftop Movies


So cool! So cold hahaha!

There's been a wave of different experiences hitting Cardiff recently and you know I'm all about those new experiences. I'd been planning to go to an outdoor movie for a while, so when I saw they were showing Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 on a rooftop, I was so game! Have you seen vol 2 yet? Literally, it is sooo good! I've been waiting to see it for ages! Seemed such a waste to watch such a great movie on a normal screen, so I waited it out. And I'm glad I did. I am Groot!

We found Jacob's Antique showroom, the elusive venue for the night's screening at the back of Cardiff Central. Being Megan and Erica, we mistakenly decided to climb up the fire escape escape stairs, instead of the front entrance. Until some staff came to call us because they thought we were acting suspiciously. Doh! The showroom was so cool, I love antiques. There were loads of different pieces, from furniture to art decor and dress maker mannequins. When we reached the top of 4 flights, the deck opened onto a skyline view of the city.

A huge inflatable cinema screen stole our attention, beyond rows of summer deck chairs,  the movie soundtrack filled our ears and we could smell the scent of loaded nachos being topped. Our entry tickets were £10 or £16 if you're partial to nachos. We opted for supermarket popcorn and fruit. Yum.

As the sun set over the city, everybody began getting to their seats. It was pretty magical actually, to be up that high and outdoors. Then as the darkness sets in, all of the room lights in neighbouring hotels and offices illuminated. They twinkled in our periphery, like stars you'd see in the country. So romantic. With the night came a chill and Lost Lands Cinema had provided us with blankets, d'awwww! Me and Megs got cosy and snuggled down to watch the movie. 

What an evening. 

The movie itself, I'm sure you know is absolutely sick. The humour is amazing, Drax is so dry but there's so much love underneath that hard exterior. The characters are so well developed and played, you really connect with the storyline and emotion. I don't want to give too much away, but if you haven't seen it yet, it is definitely one to see!

There are a few more outdoor cinema events coming up in Cardiff, I'm sure other locations too!
Until next time... 
Erica xo

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