Abseil for Moorfields!


400ft is pretty high up :| Gulp!

On the 17th of September, I'll be scaling down the side of the Arcelormittal Orbit in London's Stratford park for Moorfields. Have you ever seen London from those heights? This'll be a completely new experience for me. I've never really been one to be afraid of heights, but I have to be honest, some vertigo is really starting to set in hahaha. 

I was approached by Vivid Optical, an optical recruitment agency to join the fundraise. It just seemed like really awesome idea. If someone asked you to do something completely new and pretty scary, for leading research in your field, would you say no?! As I'm sure you know, I'm always up for a new experience and I'm so down for helping charity. 

Moorfields set a minimum target of £250 each. Which seemed like such a huge feat initially, but I'm so thankful for everyones support and help. Your donations haven't gone unnoticed, thank you for taking the time out to send over some monies and share the love. Your help funds research, builds a new Eye Hospital and for me to stare fear in the eyes! *(Pun intended)* If you'd like to donate just click here :D

"Moorfields Eye Charity supports the incredible and pioneering work of Moorfields Eye Hospital and its research partner, the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology, making a difference for patients at the hospital and for people with sight problems around the world."

I'm a little nervous but mostly excited. Can't wait to meet the other fundraisers and find out our total amount for Moorfields. I guess all that's left to say is  'Don't look down!'

Until next time... Erica xo

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