Auditioning for The Voice


Well, that was pretty awkward... 😶

The Voice UK, was on tour recently looking for their next series cohort. One day I just randomly decided, I'm going to try out for one of these shows 👊. I've always wanted to be a singer, you'll know I've said it many times, I'll probably keep saying it too. How strange though, the day I Googled auditions in Cardiff, the X-factor had literally been there that day! Just lucked out on that, but the Voice was still open, so I quickly completed the form.

The actual application doesn't take too much, just a few personal details and you can send in video clips if you wanted. I didn't bother, I figured they could get the full whack in person hahaa. When the dates for the audition came around, I was working away in Bristol. My supervisor was really nice and we got on pretty well, so I asked for the day off and tried to keep my reasoning pretty secretive. 

There was literally one day left working in Bristol after my mystery day off too. So it was a manic 2 days 🏃 up and down the M4 trying to get organised lol, but so worth it. I lugged home my life in suitcases the night before and began prepping some songs. The business floor of the hotel was plastered in noise signs, 'quiet please, our guests are enjoying a well deserved rest.' So, could you imagine if someone started belting out of their room at 6am? Yah, wasn't going to happen lol.

Touch down the 'Diff!
The night was spent at the piano, note bashing and transposing music in pure desperation that I'd remember these new key signatures and timings. Arriving at the Mercure hotel in Cardiff, I was pretty nervy, but I'd made it! In blue killers heels and an all black outfit, I graced the hotel with my presence. Strutting up the stairs I was greeted by a long red carpet, wow things are about to get serious up in this ish. 

I signed in along the huge registration table with my application form and song choices. If you make it past the 1st round acapella, then you are invited to sing another song with backing or you can play an instrument. I'd cross that bridge when I get to it... solid planning. The waiting room was filled with nervous artists, of all different ages and walks of life which was so interesting. I sat alone, headphones in listening to recordings of myself singing, with my phone charging in the wall. Someone at the desk stood up to call out names. Phew. Wasn't me just yet, there were still a few more minutes for me to nail these lyrics. The next round came quick and fast, Erica Henderson? Ah, that's me. It's now or never girl, but if your time is not now that's ok too. Just breath.

You could probably see my legs shaking, trying to calm your nerves in stilettos is quite the challenge. In a group, we were led around the hotel winding through back alleys and entrances to the auditioning room. In which sat the show producer and a vocal coach. The experience in itself was invaluable, we went through warm ups, different vocal exercises to calm down, build confidence and avoid straining. I learnt quite a few cool techniques! Then we each had 1 minute to 'Show me what you got!' (Rick & Morty reference). SERIOUSLY, it felt like forever. Everytime someone finished, my heart dropped. Me? Oh nope, not me this time. Some people were awesome, some experienced performers from Welsh choir singers to complete novices. Some were so... literally so awkward, nobody made eye contact with them for the rest of the time. Just out of pure politeness. Gulp, I hope I don't sound like that and people have just been being polite with me 😶 Now was not the time for self doubt lols. 

I got up, braced myself and belted out my number. Alicia Keys, A Woman's Worth. 
Yeah, black girl, big black hair and a soul song. Could I be more of a cliche? 

My breathing felt a little off and I could barely make eye contact with the 2 judges, but I survived 1 minute. I'm so proud of myself right now! Teehee! The 10 of us were ushered out of the room and told to await the decision. Next round? Or going home? While we waited, we all congratulated each other on our performances and whispered our thoughts. A few people told me they thought I was great and that I'd be heading to the next round! I was so chuffed, I had no idea what it sounded like. 

With the teeniest bit of excitement, but mostly utter fear we reentered the room. I'd already prepared myself for the worst but I got a few compliments so I was feeling good! Could this be the big break? Am I ready for this? Oh man, the suspense! "Well that was a great round. Unfortunately, none of you have made it through, but keep on singing!" (💩Off tv, in your rooms, at home lol) It was so cut throat, you were either what they were looking for, or not. The most awkward thing happened though, as we were leaving everyone was trying to express their thanks for the opportunity and experience; but they wouldn't even make eye contact with us🤦. Hahaha, it must be hard saying no to so many people and having to deal with their puppy dog faces afterwards. On that level, I get you judges, I get you haha.

Audition number & I, post performance

What a hectic few days. Nothing out of the Erica ordinary. Your standard Wednesday really! Mum was in town too, so I called her up and we met for a cuppa redbush. We'd both had similar afternoons and so the exhilarated yet deflated feeling was mutual. We laughed over our days, tried to debrief our situations, talking 100mph but neither one really listening to the other. Faced paced, girlie chatting at its finest! 😂 Snap mum, snap.

Moral of the story, don't be afraid to fail. What dream are you putting off? I dare you to take a step towards it. SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!

Until next time... Erica xo


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