Basics to running


💪 Who doesn't love a win/win!

It's become an addiction, I started running over a year ago now and don't imagine stopping any time soon. When stress sets in from deadlines, exams or my personal life; a run can easily and efficiently dissipate those unwanted feelings. While also, toning up my legs and abs. Yes! 👊

There's a lot of different opinions out there, but personally good, quality footwear  is the top of my running list. When I first started out, I had no idea really. Of course, on my first run I just chucked on what I had and it did fine. As I ran further though, the support was needed. Especially having flat feet - I over pronate when I step. Which basically means my feet kind of curve in, instead of going straight. Depending on the distance you're aiming to run at, you'll need support for those miles. If you're not sure, get yourself to a running store, they can measure your walking gait and advise you on what would be best for you. I'm currently using the New Balance Vazee Prism.

Obviously running with a Nike tick will make you go faster, so that's essential. I'm joking, their gear is really sexy but you don't need expensive stuff to run. Pretty much anything will do, just make sure it's loose and breathable. The goal is to maintain your blood circulation and still look cute 💁 if that's your thing! If your training towards a race, you'll usually get a race top from a charity if you do some sponsorship. Also, when you complete the race too! Which is awesome to wear when you start training again, it's like running with a medal. It gets me so pumped. YARRSSS.

Okay, now you're all geared up. Leggo....!

This is really up to you, if you're training for a race then match that terrain so you can condition your body. If not, whatever is most comfortable and interesting for you. You'll find once you build up a few miles, you can take random tours of different areas. Like ooh, never knew this was here. I've found some cool hidden eateries, parks and sunset spots this way!

Don't push for too much too soon! Building up your mileage is so important and is where most beginner runners fail, get injured or lose faith in their ability. It may feel like you have the stamina to keep going and the excitement and drive to too! But you don't want to shock your body, find a comfortable distance and speed for your level of fitness. Then add up a mile each time you head out on a run. Your body will thank you for pacing yourself!

Everything is better with friends. Generally, you're more likely to stick to your goals and plans if you have someone with you. It's like having a personal trainer, it gives you onus on your goals. A lot of people get discouraged if their friend is faster, but it will pull you up and increase your speed/stamina. Tommy got me into running, it was literally so daunting. He used to and still does, run laps around me (no literally, he'd do push ups and just wait and watch for me to catch up lol); but that's okay, because it makes me go a little faster and a little further. Hey bae. 👋 If we can't train together then I'll still go alone, so even if you don't have any runnings friends - welcome to disciprrrine my friend. 

This is so important, don't forget it! The burn, some of us love it and some hate it. I think of it as a victory, "Can't walk down the stairs today? You did well young padawan." If you're completely new to this, YouTube will be your best friend. Find some good stretches and make sure you're warming up and loosening those muscles and cooling them back down. It will release lactic acid buildup and prevent injury and any excessive strains. I love this video *click*, because it's kind of mindfulness/stretching combo, 2 birds, 1 stone - what's not to love. It's yoga stretches primarily, but it works well for your lower back and legs too, plus you feel super refreshed and zen after. Namaste. 🙏

Ideally you want to eat within 30 minutes of getting your sweat on. This will help repair and build muscle. Something carby with high protein will replenish your energy stores and get you feeling a bit more human. It will also help you on your next workout! 🍌There's a lot of speculation about the 30 minute rule at the moment, you can read more about that here. But I'd recommend eating sooner rather than later.

Okay, we've pretty much covered everything. Trust me, once you get past that 1st week of training, the addiction will begin. It's an amazing feeling. I hope your first couple runs go well, send me some victory pictures and get in touch if you have any questions. You know where I am... click & click. 

Until next time... Run, Forest, Run!

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