Behind The Scenes With The BBC - 'The Truth About...'


Mama, I'm gna be on TV!

Studying at a leading research institute, there are always opportunities to be part of a study. This one involved eating, so naturally ... I stepped up. The ad mentioned that it would be filmed by prime time TV, I assumed the BBC but I just wasn't sure. The briefing asked us not to eat anything 4 hours before the testing, completely doable. Arriving at the Brain Imaging centre, I met the other participants. Have you ever had to make small talk with strangers on a prolonged empty stomach? It was surprisingly demanding haha. I love to regulate my food because it has such a huge impact on my mentality & productivity, like even just a banana or some water! But oh man.

We were taken to the testing rooms, to measure our levels of hunger and responses to different foods. The buffet time kept getting pushed back. The filming meant we had to do things a couple times, at different angles etc. So calmly, we all smiled and tried to keep cool hahaha. We all joked in suspicion, that maybe this was the actual test? Measuring how long they could move the target line before one of us cracked? *Belly rumble, rumble!*

If you've followed my blog/social media you know I've always had a little side thing for filming and producing. It was awesome watching the camera guy work, locating different angles and taking different shots. I really wanted to be over his shoulder, seeing what he was seeing. Especially when he was switching lenses, but I thought it'd be pretty inappropriate during filming to be like 'hey, what.. what you doing there guy?' lols.

You know the mics they use for TV too, like absolutely huge fluffy raccoon tail mics?! The sound engineer Paul had one of those, on a huge stick, that just kind of loomed above us. The kind that makes you forget all your words. *Gulp* Seriously, all these gadgets though, I was in awe. Please, take me with you!

I'm not sure how much I can give away here, but we basically did some different tests. Ate some food and then came back to resit the test. Checking to see if their intervention  had any effect on our eating habits. We were told not to be shy with the buffet and you know me; poor, hungry student. Imma be on that buffet. Trying to eat with a camera right up in your face, was pretty daunting lol., they apologised and left us to it. My instagramers, will know I'm eating paleo again. Which means only caveman food diet. Unfortunately, the only cave man foods I could see were bananas and apples. And I was starving. As soon as they gave word, I was on it. I grabbed 2 of each fruits. Even threw in a cheeky flapjack because, I was starving! lol. (Not gna lie, I packed myself a little lunch because I knew this could have been a possibility. Box of avocado, egg and beetroot yessss. So pleased with past Erica decisions. Good life choices.) While we stuffed face, there was an elephant documentary projected from iPlayer and questionnaires for us to fill in, we kind of thought it was strange, but maybe it was just to relax us...

We sat in the foyer, sipping tea and waiting for the results to be collated before we filmed the end scene. It's funny the effect a camera has on you. Add in the fact that they were testing us and measuring our results, with the unexpected wait times too. Our suspicions began to grow (para!). "Didn't they say 10 minutes, 20 minutes ago? What if this is the test, seeing how long we could wait until we break?!"

As we got the debrief, which is just like it sounds on TV btw! With the presenter, camera, lights and everything, wow it was like magic. I desperately tried to hide my child like joy under a serious scientific study face. 'Like -  Yes, quite, quite. What shocking results!' We later found out that there were some smoke and mirrors. While we dug into the buffet, we were not alone, the team had hidden some wide angle cameras prior. They apologised and broke the news to us and I quote 'There are no embarrassing bits of you eating, just wide group shots.' Famous last words, I'm savage when I'm hungry.

The irony though. They then needed close ups of us eating different things. One by one, the camera came around for our shots. Like literally, a close up of my lips and the food and all my personal space, just all up in there. I told them, I only really eat natural foods (without trying to sound snobby or difficult) and they were nice about it. I offered to eat a flapjack though, because banana close ups on TV? No no, inappropriates!

It was a great experience working with the BBC. It so interesting to see the mechanics and thinking of the film crew and producer. The show we filmed was part of the series 'The Truth About ... Obesity.' It'll air in February, I'll let you know if I make the cut and post it up here.

Unitl next time... Erica xo 

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