Getting my 2nd year exam results....


So my exam results! I'm not ashamed to say I had to resit contact lenses this summer. Not unlike a lot of people on my course. The wait and the suspense was horrible, the unknown is just the worse. Like will I be in uni this year, did I make it to 3rd year? Should I start buying stationary. I love stationary so regardless, I already started buying it hahaha. A few weeks back, I had meetings with my tutors and was discussing the possibilities with them. They advised me to just enjoy my 2 weeks of limbo, it could go either way... prepare for both. 😶

You know my previous experience with university exams. Well, everyone is capable of passing exams, you just have to study for it, put in the work and the hours.. and you can achieve anything. Results day came with awesome timing, I'd planned to visit my Uncle in London ready for my abseil on Sunday. Needless to say, I wasn't going to wait until 9am to check those results. I was on SIMS (the University portal) at midnight, refresh. *click* refresh. ARGH?! Hahaha, anyone else know those pains? By 12:24am I knew my fate.

I'm really, really chuffed to say... I made it to 3rd year! YAYY🙌🎊. Phew, literally. Next year will bring so many new experiences, writing a dissertation, clinical special assessments and visiting the Eye hospital for pediatric training. It's all about to pop off!

My megabus came and I was ready. I'd warned my uncle that it was judgement day and to be prepared for both scenarios. You know the road has been long, but I was so prepared to get back onto which ever path I needed, to graduate🎓. This time, it was the direct route. Whew! So after a lot of clean eating and training, it was time to let loose. CHEAT TIME! I'd usually keep it to just a day, but since I'm planning to hit it hard once term starts, I'm allowing myself the weekend - within reason 🙈. It kicked off in Chi-town, what other way was there! 

Oh mannnn, I filled myself up on Monk vegetable stir fry, prawn stuffed bean curd, wonton soup, roast belly pork (my absolute favourite!) and preserved egg & shredded pork congee. Before heading to my favourite taiyaki place 😍. What can I say guys, work hard, play hard. Ya know. 

If you're looking for good, quick, cheap eats in Chinatown, head to Hung's. One of our usual spots. 


I was forewarned that the roast belly pork was going to be a bit fatty... also that my grandma would lose it if she found out we'd ordered it. (She makes a killer version). I wanted it though. The thought was making me drool. It was alright, the flavour was nice, the sauce was good. It did the job, nothing on Grandma Lams though. 🙊Shhh.

In terms of quality, value, service etc - I'd rate Hung's at a 👍👍👍👍👍🏻


There's a usual spot we hit up, but one of the other bakeries had just started serving taiyaki too! So I thought give them a try.. NO. They do some great bakes, but their taiyaki was lacking, serious. There was minimal custard gooey-ness inside and was generally a little cold. This is that. They do some other cool stuff though, like ice-cream taiyaki, which I'm yet to try.

These taiyaki are probably a 👍👍👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
But they do have giant ice-cream taiyaki too.

This is the usual spot for piping hot, custard dripping taiyaki! Like burn your face off hot, which is what I like. If you're partial to keeping your taste buds live and well, maybe let them cool off a little first. Taiyaki are £2 for 4 across all shops. Nomnomnom, time to die little adorable fishies.

Chinatown Bakery taiyaki's get a 👍👍👍👍👍.
Erry time.

Whatever your results were, I hope you did well and if not and this is your dream. Keep going. The road to success is long and arduous. We all have our own ish to deal with, but it makes your story sweeter. GL for your next steps and chat soon.

Until next time.... a chubby faced, food comma'd Erica, xo 

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