What to do when you miss your flight


Ahhh no, the gate is what?! ✈️

Back in January I was headed up to an Optometry conference in Glasgow. As an optician you have to continually study new techniques and researches to be able to practise. Events like these can rapidly boost your total compulsory points for the year. EyeCare invited me up all expenses paid to see what it was all about. I was so stoked! 

Everything was planned, down to the finest detail. I'd even packed additional camera lenses, a microphone and swim gear. I was so ready. The day finally came and it would be my first CET - (continued education training) conference, but also my first time in Scotland and staying in a Hilton! So pumped. My national express arrived on time and I was en route to Bristol airport, but and here comes the big butt (eyy 😉 ). My transition off the bus, through security and onto the plane was not so smooth....

You can skip to 2:22 to see the Queen Family Room @ Hilton, Glasgow.

Yeah, so that happened. It was a fine line, if I had gone straight through security, I would have been there in ample time. I should have piped up really, but you know when you feel like it isn't the time or place? They were really curious about my coconut oil. At the time, I was having a really bad flare, so I kept it handy since it's moisturising and anti-bac. The security people, quite rightly were like, what in the hell is this mysterious white substance 🤔? Unlabeled and decanted? Urghh, it's just for my face! Can you not see.. my face, the face! 😣

Can you imagine though? A company had got in touch with me, asked to work with me and paid for my flights and accommodation... but I didn't make the flight! I was freaking out so bad, I had no idea what to do. I'd never missed a flight before and I always wondered how people did! Well, there's a first time for everything right? After consulting the ticket desk and realising there were no flights that would get me there in time, I headed straight to the train station. Luckily, only a short 9 hour journey later, I arrived. No easy feat after you'd planned to spend 1-2 hours coasting through the air LOL. 1st world problems, 😶. There was no way I could let them down though, after such a lovely offer.

We were told about the conference in Uni, but as Scotland is so far away it just wasn't viable on a student budget. So I'm forever grateful for the opportunity and the fun! Thanks Eye Care, I met some really wonderful people that weekend, learnt some interesting new facts and had an adventure finding my way to Scotland! 

So, what to do if you miss your flight? Go awkwardly back through the gates as quickly as you can. Pass security and try not to make eye contact with the confused henchmen. You are not acting suspiciously. If you are brown, run! Just kidding. Find your airline desk and ask if they can sort you out, bump you to another flight or give you a discount on another purchase. Failing that, if you really need to get somewhere, get to the train station and slug it out. It's going to cost ya, but how much do you want to go?

Part 2 of this trip will be up soon, I'll shout to you on the social meeds as and when. I actually interviewed people, can you believe it? Despite how I may come across, I'm actually quite shy and awkward so that was a big step for me haha.

Sorry this post is a little late, I hope you enjoy the video! Please like, comment, subscribe all that usual stuff and I'll catch you on another video soon.

Until next time ... Your student optometrist, Erica xo 

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