How To Stay Motivated - 5 Top Tips


Motivation - Where do you get it? How do you keep it? Why is it so fleeting?

Do you ever just look at some people and think "Dang, how you so damn motivated? Where does the energy come from? Where do you find the time?" While your summoning up the courage to remember why you ever wanted to do this in the first place; They're none stop, smashing deadlines and reaching goals. What's the difference between us and them?

I think it's the same for all of us. We start something new and with all the excitement the ball is rolling and everything is awesome. We see something we what, we imagine having it and BAM. We're motivated and ready for life! Things can start off well, but other times they come to a grinding halt. So how do we manage the loss of momentum? What separates the people who get stuff done, from the ones who just talk about it?

Let me tell you the secret... Nothing. There is absolutely nothing biologically different between you and 'them'. You can have all the success and motivation of a boss, if you're willing to let yourself. Seriously. Motivation is the physiological will to do something right? The want, to do it now; a driving force from inside you. Granted there's going to be times when we feel tired, so we have to plan this. Here are my 5 tips to evade those unmotivated slumps and stay on target.

1. Do you know your goals?
You have to know what you want to say motivated and I mean really know what you want. Be specific in your goals, that way you can actually work towards it and efficiently. If you don't know what you want from life, then just get out there. Try new things, do something different. You will find your thing, that sparks your interest and ignites a fire.  

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2. Visualise then realise.
You have to keep that initial goal with you, constantly. Imagine it vividly. Think of how you will feel when you reach this. Put it in words, in writing and pictures. Keep it on your wall and in your wallet. Know what you want in your gut. Remind yourself everyday. When you wake up, take 3 minutes out of your morning - What are my goals, what am I doing? 
Then again before you go to bed, did I make progress? Was I being efficient?

3. Consume positive energy
Everyone talks about positivity and how powerful it is. It's not until you actually practise it that you realise what a huge impact it has. Having a positive mindset can release so much creativity, confidence and energy. When your around negativity or negative people it physically and mentally drains you. Beware of the energy you're consuming. Whether you're talking, watching or listening to something.  I listen to motivational talks on YouTube (Eric Thomas is a great place to start), I do this religiously everyday - more so when I'm not feeling it. It gives me a massive boost, at any time of the day and whatever kind of funk I'm in. 

4. Use your body
I love that quote, it really made me think, yeah actually I only get one of these. It takes me from A to B. It allows me to learn new things and acquire new skills. Our body allows expression and materialisation of everything we need and want. Make sure you look after it. Working out, even if you just go for walks - it's so beneficial. It gets your blood flowing, releases endorphins and reduces stress. Also, if you're working out you realise how capable you are. If you can get out of breath or just do something a little strenuous and get out of your comfort zone, then you can apply this same principle and feeling in other areas of your life! (Insert flex emoji here)

5. Just do it
Nike really hit the mark when they coined that. There is literally nothing else to it. You have to allow yourself to have what you want. Realise the only way to get from where you are, to where you want to be, is to do it. Go, get your work done. Smash your goals. Be a boss.

Try these tips and see what changes for you. With everything in life, you have to make it to your own preference. So see what works best for you, develop it and grow. 

Until next time,
...Keep grinding and hustle harder.... 
Erica xo

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