What to do when you fail your exams....


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It's going to be okay.

Hey, I'm sorry to hear you didn't quite get what you needed, but it's going to be okay. Of course, you may be feeling hurt, disappointed or even a little embarrassed - honestly though, we've all been there at some point.

You know, uni has been a wicked roller-coaster for me. Extreme highs and lows. So, I often find people reaching out to me when things haven't gone so well for some advice. And guess what? It's always the ones you never would have thought would be in this situation too. Ok so things didn't go exactly how you planned this time around. Unfortunately, that's just life. This isn't the end of the road though and you have to believe you have so much more to give. It may not seem so obvious now, but this minor set back in your plan will teach you so much. If you didn't make it to where you needed to be, there's a lesson that you didn't quite learn the 1st time around. Maybe you were working a little too much, or didn't study regularly throughout the year. Sometimes that last minute cram just doesn't get it all in. Or you didn't ask for help. Whatever your reason, just embrace it.

Like I said, I'm sorry to hear. This time is yours, it's time for a little 'me time.' Let your hair down, give yourself some time to relax and come to terms with the situation. For many of us, repeating the year is a completely new experience. It doesn't really happen through mainstream education, whether you pass or fail you progress with your year group all the same. That's not the case in Uni, but that's also the beauty of uni. There's people of all ages. The majority of the cohort will be around the same 18-22 years, but don't forget about the mature students and veterans too! Hey!! I've been at uni for so long, I became a mature student in the process lol. Now I'm here, I've realised how lucky I am to still be here at this age. Now, I'm hungry, there's so much I want to do and accomplish and being in Uni has facilitated all these things. Don't think that this is necessarily a bad thing. You have a better chance to succeed the next time around, you'll be wiser (cliche much),  you will of course know more and have more experience, purely because you've been there and been exposed to it for longer. It's all good, trust me.

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The best thing you can do, is summon up your courage and keep on pushing. Do not, I repeat do not lose heart. You may lose a little faith, yes it's going to feel difficult when the road is uphill. It will feel a little painful when your friends aren't in the same position as you anymore. So what. When you set out to do this, to start this course or this degree, were they there helping you pick the course? Getting the grades you needed to be accepted in? No. You chose it alone and you can do this alone.

Most of the time you'll find that actually, the people on your course are more awkward about the situation than you are yourself. Especially if they've never experienced it. You need to set the tone for this, if you're fine with it, they will be too. The good ones will not care, they love you for you.

It's not like you're never going to see them again, in fact keeping in touch is great.Keep in contact and find out what fun things lie ahead for you next year. You don't want to isolate yourself, the tie to your course will remind you how exciting it is to learn new material and give you things to look forward/strive to. Maybe it'll even prepare you for things to come using their hindsight. You can apply for certain jobs a little earlier, have your CV prepped, meet those volunteering deadlines. There's a positive in everything.

Take time to reflect on the previous year, what went right and what went wrong? Use this as a template for moving forwards. Simplify your tasks and stay within your field. Keep your objectives clear and concise. Use your spare time to get active, do things you love but didn't have as much time for previously. You could even work and start saving some cash to ease up some burden next year. Or start a travelling fund for graduation. The world is your oyster. Just get through this year, keep your contact hours and remember to study.

There is no shame in repeating. Take time to accept your situation then go beast mode. Really what is 1 year in the grand scheme of things? Maybe this has been a lifelong goal for you, or one with financial reward. Are you really going to give all that up because you're worried about what some people are going to think?! NAHHHH! It's time to go HAM! 

Own this situation, it's yours. You can do this, I know you can. If I can do it, you can do it. If you need some advice, drop me a message. You know where I am.

Until next time .... Erica xo 

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