Running and Photoshoot with #TeamCardiff


Hey👋! So I'm back from London, what a weekend that was. I'm just waiting for some photos before I post about the abseil... which was so awesome btw. Thank you again supporters!

I arrived back yesterday and the team social run was a few hours later. I was starving, so I quickly rammed some of mum's food down me and headed back out to town. We met a photographer in the gorgeous university main building before the meet, for a photo shoot. A few had volunteered but there were some drop outs, so when I got the message of course I couldn't turn down an opportunity.

This was my first ever fitness photo shoot! The fountains and campus park made our backdrop as we ran back and fore simulating some training; the camera man directed us and took shots from different angles. Ah, really hope I don't have a double chin in any of those - the #1 sort after fitness accessory of 2017, lol! It was a really cool experience though😄. The cameras were huge! I'm so obsessed with photography, anyone else have a dslr/point and shoot wish list😍? Haha. The pictures will make part of the promotional campaign for 2018's half marathon, woo! When they get published, I'll share them with you guys!

After the posed run, we met up with the rest of the guys for the actual run. Literally, by this time I was so tired. I woke up in Landan at 7am. Now I'm about to run around Cardiff, on a stomach full of the good tasting stuff (seriously, cheat meals make really bad running fuels) at 6pm. But ehh, just gotta crack on with life right? Hahaha.

There's been a few social runs set up over the course of the months, but it's a little intimidating going to those. You know when you just like to go at your own pace? You know I was saying before about the buddy system pushing you? Well I thought I'd better eat some of my own advice😶. Immediately, I clocked the seasoned runners. I mean I've been running for coming up to 2 years now, much progress had been made, but nothing on these guys. Some of the other guys I spoke to were aiming for a similar sub 2 hour goal as me. Naturally, I thought we'd run together and keep a solid pace. There was a lead runner from the university sports department that had come to guide the run too.

The route

So we set off, camera man in sight to get some more natural shots as we darted onto campus. Jeeze, it was like running with Tommy all over again! Except there were like 20 of them this time hahaha. The running guide was sooo fit. She lead the pack, but then also circled round to the back to check on us, then sped up to return to the front. Damn girl! She could move. We ran from the main building, onto the taff trail, looping around at Western avenue and back. On the last straight, I lost sight of the leading group😫. Yeah. But our little cluster soldiered on! 💪

There's a quote that I absolutely love, can't remember exactly where I heard it from but it goes -

"If you run with people slower than you, you'll come first every time. If you run with people that are faster than you, you might come last... but your time will be faster."

I find this is so true of life in general. Push yourself, don't be intimidated. Be inspired. Go for gold.
So yeah, there's less than 2 weeks left to train. Which basically means 1. One solid week of pushing, grinding and speeding up. You don't want to go too crazy in your last week. Get out, stretch your legs, maintain your stamina and mindset on some easy mileage and rest; be prepare for race day. 👌

If you're running the Cardiff half this year alongside 25,000 others - Good Luck🤞! You can do it, you can finish! Or even get a pb! I'll see you out there.

Until next time ... A slightly nervous Erica xo

I'm fundraising for Cardiff University Neuroscience and mental health research. You can donate and support my 13.1 mile run here.

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