Zeiss - WOW.


That's me, getting the best hug of my life!

I've landed in Heathrow, waiting for my connection to Cardiff because 3rd year starts today! Wooo! So very, very excited. It's been an intense week.

You know I said that Zeiss were keeping things under lock down? That we literally had no idea what was going to happen and the event was about the Future of Optics? Well, oh my days! For good reason. It was insane. The future indeed. Pfffff..... Every minute, from the get go, into the very late hours of the evening, were perfectly orchestrated. Every minute had an interactive, awe inspiring activity and we were constantly kept on our toes. Meandering through one event to the next, from room to room, in one of the most famous recording studio's ever (decked out to the t, might I add) was exhilarating. You just didn't know what was going to come next.

Pun intended.
Got my own personalised, ring bound information booklet. Casual.
The day began with a coffee, like most good days. We entered the indie looking building, covered in luminescent coloured tapes that would guide our way. Different street food vending stalls were propped up, giant eye balls everywhere and attractions to oggle in every direction. What was going to happen? We still didn't know. 

BANG. Music began and a bunch of guys dressed in black clothing with matching tape lines striped across their bodies, created a flash mob. The room became electric with energy and crash mats were slung into the middle of the room. Urban acrobats? Artistic street dance? I don't know what you'd call it, but whatever it was, was freaking awesome! Jumping on tight ropes, somersaulting and performing tricks from an elastic rope. Art nouveau. One of the dancers climbed up onto the table and called out "If you want to know more, you have to follow us to the next location!"

Woah. Dude, what kind of optometry conference is this? 

 If I hadn't of filmed it, you wouldn't believe me. There were robots, virtual reality lenses/tints in real time, a rollercoaster, dinner and a show, boat rides.. it goes on. And on. And yeah, on. Needless to say, I think everybody is absolutely shattered. We've all departed for our different corners of the world, still reeling from the evening before. Though it was and still feels like one never ending, amazing, party, blur. Wow.

I'll write up the rest of the day and show you guys what we got up to, but for now.. I gotta head to uni. 1st day, wish me luck! (I'll be grabbing some form of caffeine once I hit Cardiff, for sureee) Ciao for now!

Until next time... a truly inspired, Erica xo 

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  1. Woah stunning pics! I love the one of you and the lighthug <3 Such a pleasure to meet you there together with the other bloggers.

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, it was lovely to meet you. If I'm ever in Germany again, maybe you could show me a good food spot? Let me know if you come to the UK! xx

    2. Of course of course! I'll do.