Future of Optics 2017 - #ZEISSfuture


You know I've been reeling from this for days! It completely blew my mind.

ZEISS had emailed and invited me to Berlin, after finding my blog. Who knew people were actually reading this🤔?! Crazy. Needless to say, I was extremely flattered and began throwing all things I could see, into my suitcase😆.

Arriving into Germany with a practice from Devon (Hey guys!) and our host, we met our driver Joel and headed to the hotel... for dinner and drinks. As you do. Our 1st hotel, Estrel, was gorgeous. Just outside of the city, a conferencing venue that was just so spacious, airy and bursting with light. Ahh, how zen. One meaty, rich and succulent buffet later, I was bidding the 100 strong UK delegates goodnight and heading for that cosy, comfy bed.

Dessert options, hotel Estrel.
The next morning, I hit a quick gym session, accompanied by many like-minded optoms. Then, it was convention time! OH MY DAYS. Seriously. There's no words for this, just watch the video. It's long, but literally this all went down, in 36 hours.

Yeah, I know right?! Like, what just happened? That day chewed me up and spat me back out. You know I love planning a good event and this was - the one event, to rule them all. Every second was jam packed with action! Cameras everywhere. Light was a running theme. Optom banter, wheyyy. (FYI - without light, eyes don't see and optics/glasses wouldn't work. Yay, physics.) I thought that, that day was the whole event of 400 people. Wrong! Nearly every country would be represented in what was a 4 day long event, totalling ~2000 attendees😶   

Dis, omg I love it.
The whole event was so beautifully orchestrated, from the entertainment. The tie ins with optometry, the smoothness of their product launch (Which might I add, is one gorgeous piece of work. You'll have to wait until April for details of this one though), the interactiveness of their demos and their engaging speakers. Woah.

Peeping the future with, Nick Sohnemann - Futurologist.
Hololens! I could see an astronaut floating in front of me and a functioning computer menu. "Hello? Alexa?"
I met so many wonderful and inspiring new people. Ari, the Glam Optometrist from Instagram was really sweet and so much fun. Girl has style! Lizzy, What Lizzy loves was so charming and quintessentially British. Nick from Future Candy, had me so excited about the future, virtual reality and appealed to my love of gadgets. I learnt a lot about the company too, did you know ZEISS supplies the cameras for award winning, Oscar productions? That 75% of all cataract surgeries are done with ZEISS equiptment? Or that the image of the first man on the moon, Mr Armstrong was captured with a ZEISS lens? Ooo also, that Apple phones can only be made with the precision optics of ZEISS products? Yeah serious.

Pepper, my new best bud obvs.
VR in practice, way of the future.
  Surprise after surprise, ZEISS and co hit the nail on the head. It really emphasised their attention to detail, care and family orientated business model. They clearly have built their past success and future ambitions on collaborations and (Dare I say it.) synergy. Ah, music to my ears. Every moment personified helping Drs become successful and improving patient quality of life. 

We swapped many business cards - I think I'll need to update them though, I found the font is probably a bit small for those heading into presbyopia. My bad, Teehee.🙈 We ate lots of delicious foods and I even managed to get a pretzel at the airport, on my way home. 

What a whistle stop tour of all that is ZEISS and hears to the future! Danke!

Until next time, Erica xo
P.s - Do what you love and the rest will follow. 

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