My 6000 Mile, Long Distance Relationship


So, I've kept this one pretty hush hush for a while. Now I'm ready to let the cat out of the bag. We've gone long distance. We had a little trial of this a few months ago, he went away to do a teaching course in Austria. I went out there to visit him, check out his campus and generally re-explore Vienna together. It was a gorgeous trip, I'd missed him so much. Think he may have missed me too, in some of the quieter moments! He worked hard, graduated and headed back for the UK.

It was an awesome summer, but it all went by much too quickly. I knew when I went out there to see him, that something wasn't right. He wasn't quite sure how to tell me, but I already knew - he wasn't ready to come home. Teaching English as a second language is such a liberating job. You meet loads of new people. Have a huge impact into peoples lives and give them an invaluable skill. It all comes with the added advantage of travelling the world!

We had discussed moving in together and him finding a job near my school. It all just seemed a bit of a waste though. Moving in with someone is a huge step, you get to learn so much about a person and it's an incredible time for your relationship. I wasn't sure I'd be able to fully appreciate that, while stressing to get to the end of my degree! He just qualified with this new found skill and had always loved working with children. So it was set. "Are we going long distance bae?'"

You can guess it came as a bit of a shock when he told me he'd be away for over a year. We both felt that our relationship was strong enough to last it, and this would just be a testimony to it. I mean, the last one wasn't so bad right? We tried to pack as much as we could into the month we had together; Alongside him spending time with his family, friends and packing for his new job. We ate out, went on lots of hikes and even took a mini-break. It was fab. I'd planned for us to go to some fancy restaurant, packed a gorgeous outfit, with heels and all. Instead we ended up strolling the mountains near the b&b, eating casual at the in house restaurant (the portions were huge!) then crawling into bed and snuggling up to watch Avatar. It was lush. The winding country roads back into the city centre are always an adventure in Wales, I love that he lets me drive his car too. The lanes are my favourite.

Saying goodbye, is not my favourite.
I'd spent a few of our moments together shedding some tears. In every activity, I couldn't help thinking 'This will be the last time we do this for a while!' When it came to our final goodbye, I had no tears left. I'd come to terms with the situation and could only see the positive. We're both super ambitious and still figuring out what we want from life. We have similar end goals, but right now there is still so much adventure to be had. He wants to travel and teach. I want to finish my degree and work on my blog. We're really comfortable in our relationship and have so much trust. For that I am so grateful. I'm so grateful that I've been given this time to work on myself and my career. I'm so grateful that he's found something that he really loves and can inspire young children. Also, I'm super grateful that I get to visit Hong Kong at Christmas! Yarrsss. It's going to be so beautiful with all the twinkling lights... and of course he will be there. Just kidding, jk.

With the time difference at 7 hours, we chat when we can. Before school started back, we had a steady daily schedule, but now I'm at uni for most of the day and he's hard at work. Busy schedules means we both have to be flexible, but we're cool with it. What's app has been awesome. When we were near we'd always cook and eat together as much as we could. Now we send each other snaps of our meals, I love knowing what he's eating and making sure he's staying healthy. Although, he's got that nailed to be fair.

I never thought I'd be in such a long distance relationship, but when it's right, things just seem to work out. I'm so proud of how far we've come and hope we keep going further in our goals.
Have you or are you in a long distance? What do you do to close the distance? I'd love to know.

Until next time ... Erica xo

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